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In order to create an account, go to the login page and click the Sign up button. Fill in your desired username, valid email address, and password before clicking Join to register your account.

Users can configure the amount of blur on sensitive content, or disable the filter entirely. To adjust the Sensitive Content Filter, open the navigation menu and select Settings. Under the Privacy & Safety tab, choose your desired blur amount displayed on sensitive content from Strong, Medium, Light, and Off.

Blocking an account will restrict the user from interacting with you. To block an account, click the three dots near their username, then select Block user.

You can manage your Timeline Permissions in your Privacy & Safety settings.

You can choose who can view your posts by managing your Timeline Permissions under Privacy & Safety.

Message Content Blur is the process of blurring media in your direct messages. To reveal blurred media, click View Content. You can manage your blur settings under Privacy & Safety.

If you suspect a user is violating our Terms of Service, please select the three dots on the user’s profile and click Report. Alternatively, you can email our Company at to report any violations. All reports are completely anonymous and carefully reviewed by our team.

If you’re on a computer, you can open a support ticket by clicking the Support button at the bottom right of your Fansly page. You can also reach us at, or sending a direct message to @Fansly on Twitter.

You can navigate to the homepage by going to, or clicking the Fansly logo at the top left. If you’re on mobile, you can also tap the home icon at the bottom left panel.

The search bar will only display creators. If you’re unable to find a creator, then you’re either mistyping their username, profile page is not accessible, or the user does not exist.

Once your email address has been verified, you can send a direct message by clicking the envelope icon on a user’s profile page.

Blocking a user will prevent them interacting with you and accessing your profile page. Muting a user will still allow them to see your profile and interact with you, it will just remove their feed posts from your homepage.

You can access your Following list by opening the site menu, then click Followers underneath your user information. The page will be redirect to your Followers list, click the Following tab to display the users you currently follow.

If you subscribe to a creator, you gain access to all of the content that creator has posted to their feed for the duration of your subscription (for your tier) automatically. Some creators have tiers where other perks are offered. When you click different tiers the perks will be listed to you before you subscribe.

First, you have to add a valid payment method – either a credit/debit card or sufficient wallet balance. To subscribe to a creator, simply head to their profile and select the tier you’d like to subscribe at.

Most subscriptions last for a full month, though trial codes could be shorter or longer; some creators might also have discounts for multi-month subscriptions of up to 6 months. You can always see when your subscription expires under the Subscriptions tab.

Following is always free, and you can unfollow whenever you’d like – subscribing lasts for a set amount of time. The creator decides for themselves what content they’d like to make accessible to followers and subscribers.

Fansly is a content subscription website that offers content creators to easily sell and monetize their content. It has become popular among adult content creators. If you are familiar with Onlyfans, you should know that both websites have similar features, but you will find Fansly one step ahead in terms of features.

Fansly being a content subscription website has become popular among the masses, but people have a lot of questions about the platform. Some of the most asked questions will be answered in the article.

Fansly Creator

You will be given a special link that will link customers to your account. You will earn 1% commission on everything the customer spends on Fansly for 90 days.

Also, you will earn5%commission of the models you refer to Fansly for a year. After that year is over you will earn a 1.5% lifetime commission.

Sell the option to peel off an emoji/text over your photos. You can give a taste of your media before users purchase it or subscribe to you. You have the option to use emojis and text if you want for higher conversion rates!

Users can “follow” your account for free and you can choose to post media/video/text to them or send DMs to them. This allows for users to constantly see and be reminded that you are a creator on the platform if they decide to choose to pay and subscribe to you.

Fansly only takes a 20% fee of your earnings. You are left with 80% of your subscription and direct sales earnings plus your referral earnings

As a model you earn 80% of everything you sell on the site. Users can subscribe and pay monthly to you or you can sell media directly to them at a fixed one time cost.

Payouts via Bank Transfer (ACH/SEPA), Skrill, and Paxum.

As a model selling content and subscriptions you will earn 80% of what users pay to you. If you earn $100 on fansly you will receive $80. Also you can refer models and users to the site.

Once you are verified you can payout above $100 as often as you want. They are typically sent in 3 business days by bank transfer.

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