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Wetherspoon App for Order Menu on Pub

Wetherspoon App

Wetherspoon Pub operator App helps you to order food and drinks on your table with your Smartphone. It is easy and avoids you to leave the seat. You can see what all items are available on the Pub without asking…

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Junio Pocket Money Smart Card for Kids

Junio is a Pocket money smart card which can be given to children where they can use it for online and offline payments. Junio card helps children to learn how to spend wisely and save money. The Kids between 13…

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Manage every Loans and Payments through Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv is a online loan approval and bill payment application. It helps to get personal and business loans through easy steps and you can get the money for your needs. The user can get pre-approved loans for instant availability…

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Use Honey Shopping Assistant to Save Money on Shopping

Honey Shopping Assistant

Honey Shopping Assistant is a shopping assistant in form of mobile app and browser extension that helps you in saving money and time on Shopping. It includes all your favorite shops and brings best deals in one place. Honey assists…

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Feel the Love of Greeting Cards through Felt App

Felt Greeting Cards

Gifts are always unique, it can be anything. But it become more special if you have done something with your effort on the gift. You may go to a store and buy gifts for your loved ones. That isn’t an…

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Walmart Card for Rewards on every Purchase

Walmart Rewards Card

Walmart Rewards is a program run by Walmart for their customers to get rewards on shopping. Walmart partnered with Capital One to run the MasterCard rewards card program. The Walmart will provide 5% rewards during the first 12 months of…

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