About Us


My Name is Paul Varghese from Kerala. I work as a digital marketing intern. I have read many blogs and tech websites, which gives me inspiration to start my own tech blog. I created this website www.Sangratis.com to help others to know different useful services which can help in their daily life. It provides details on latest technology and other useful services.

The world changes a lot, so is the technology. It will take time to understand a new Application or technical stuff coming to the market. For a techie, it will be easy to understand everything and can use it effectively. But some people it will be hard to get all the important information they needed.

Some people are afraid to install new things and try latest technology because of spam and other issues. I included links from each post to relevant publisher website or download website to make it more convenient and secure way for the users. I tried to include only the important points need to a user as they can get it without much more confusions.

Hope everyone will like this blog and keep visiting for latest stuff. If you have any queries or need assistance with something, let me know through the Contact form.

Thanks for reading something about me and my website. Thank You, Hope you enjoy!