Browse and Read Barnes and Noble digital Items from Nook

Nook Reading App

Enjoy reading Barnes & Noble’s eBooks and other digital Articles from Nook application. You can use the Nook reading App on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows system and Android device.

The Nook digital platform includes more than four million eBooks, graphic Novels, Comics, News and Magazines. The Barnes & Noble latest releases and bestsellers are available from this application.

Features of Barnes and Noble Nook App

You can browse more than 75,000 titles from different authors all over the world which can be freely available to read. The purchases you made on the Barnes and Noble website can be browsed on the app.

The free samples available for each item gives an overview and can be useful to make decision whether to purchase the item. It is also possible to download the eBooks, so you can read them offline.

You can add password for book purchase which help to avoid purchases by mistake. The purchased items can be organized into Nook ‘My Shelves’ where you can create, view, and manage shelves. Each shelves can contain up to 100 titles.

The Nook App reading experience can be improved by adjusting the font size, line spacing and screen brightness. The dark themes available on Nook can help your eyes during night time reading.

There is also an option to add notes on the pages and bookmark them for later use. You can highlight different texts and quotes while you are reading.

The Nook dictionary function is helpful for find meaning of words without closing the application. You can select a word, hold and tap the look up icon to open popup dictionary. Nook is a good alternative to Amazon Kindle.

Enjoy Free Nook eBooks and Recommendations

The Nook provides free eBook on Fridays of every week. There is also an exclusive free book you can enjoy every month. If you find any of the readings useful and worth, you can share it your friends through social media sites and email right from the Nook application.

The Screen magnifier and Talk Back feature helps and assist blind and low vision people to get along with the Nook Reading. Another feature of Nook is custom Quote Card creation where you can select a quote from the reading and create cards with the selected quote.

The Parental control option can be enabled if both you and your kid uses the same Nook account. It controls what all contents to be displayed on your primary profile. It gives kid safe experience and can select the types of content for the child profile. You can set upto six profiles on your account.

The Nook App provides you recommendations and suggestions based on your readings. You can also wish list items which you want to read and remember later.

You can use Nook books, magazines and newspaper for 14 days for free. If you enjoy the Nook service, you can upgrade to paid subscription.

You can add your favorite items to the cloud storage and move other books already read to the archive folder. If you have problem with Sync items between your Nook account over other devices, try to re-login and refresh.

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