Help Blind and Low Vision People using Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes

The eyes are the mirrors of our heart. Without it we can’t even imagine how we could sustain in this world. At this juncture, have you ever thought to make the low vision sighted people to make their lives easier and happier?

In this 21st century, we all know that many apps have been developed to make our lives easier. Moreover, it is pleasant to know that such a helpful app has been developed for the low vision sighted people to make their lives easier and fun filled; and one of such app is Be My Eyes!

How Be My Eyes help Blind and Low Vision People

Let us look how does it work? Be My Eyes allows a low vision sighted person to lead more easily and independent life through a network of sighted volunteers, who are known for their generosity to the blinds.

By downloading this app, you can avail any sighted volunteers through Be My Eyes to get help from them at anytime from anywhere without any cost.

There is also an amazing feature Personalized volunteers, who could help you more with specific products or topic. It acts as a real help for the blind people who get in stuck with something; in fact, they are no more alone now.

They deploy creative ways to do wide range of daily chores as well to resolve the concerned issues of Blind and low vision people.

There is also an option to select your language which will direct you to the volunteer who speak your primary language. The Be My Eyes access camera and notifications settings to enable Video calling.

When a user needs help, there will be a notification sent to different volunteers at a stretch in order to make sure that fastest response to the blind with prompt and efficient support.

The first volunteer to answer the request will be assigned to help. Then the Volunteer can directly communicate with the user and solve the problem without any waiting.

The Be My Eyes calls are connected anonymously based on the language and timezone. If you are Volunteer, you can get calls in between 8 AM and 9 PM.

Some Bright Features of Be My Eyes

  • Helps to find Lost or Dropped items, the user can know the place where they have kept their things.
  • Helps to distinguish the Pictures or any other Artwork pieces like color and the mood of picture etc.
  • Helps to get dressed well, by suggesting pairs of Dresses and get complimented along with color selection.
  • Helps to read household thing’s label; like Manufacturing and Expiring dates, Instructions and how to use etc.
  • Helps to shop from Supermarket and other stores.
  • Helps them to get familiarize with new Road and Streets and how to reach the destination.
  • Helps to get assist on getting into Public Transportation by understanding Arrival and Departure timing.

Why then wait, download the app and register now as a User or Volunteer. There are millions of sighted volunteers available in this network community to help the low vision sighted people.

The user can select the user type as sighted volunteer or low vision. After that select what type of mode to get sign up whether through Facebook or E-mail. Then confirm the E-mail address for completing the account creation.

From Be My Eyes App or YouTube, you can see Stories from volunteers, blind and low vision users who demonstrate the positive social impact in their lives by using Be My Eyes!

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