Add Virtual Background on your Zoom Meeting

In Zoom, there is a feature called Virtual Background which help us to change Zoom background. This can be done before starting the Zoom meeting.

For using this Virtual Background feature, your device must meet certain system requirements. It works on most of the Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS devices. For using it on Android device, your device must be manufactured by Google, OnePlus, Oppo, Redmi, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi or Huawei. This feature also depend on your camera quality.

The Zoom Virtual Background can be used more effective by having a physical green background and constant light. So that Zoom can analyze you and your background easily. You can purchase physical background.

Change Background on Zoom
It is very easy to change the Background of Zoom using below steps.

Sign into Zoom account through the web portal.
Open Settings from the Navigation Menu.
From the meeting tab, tap on check box under Virtual Background.
Verify the Popup and continue to manage Virtual Background.
Another way to change the Zoom Background,

Create a new Zoom meeting or join an existing meeting.
Click on the arrow near Stop Video.
Select Choose Virtual Background option.
Continue to manage Virtual Background.
If you see the Virtual Background option is grayed out, it means that this feature is disabled by your group or account administrator. It is not supported to change zoom background on Chromebook as the functionality is not given. You can change background of Google Meet on Chromebook using Visual effects for Google meet extension.

Note : While using Zoom Virtual Background, you must wear a different color dress than the physical background. Otherwise there may be problems in using this feature.

How to change Zoom background with uploaded Image or Video
It is possible to upload images and video for using as the virtual background. By this way also you need a physical green screen or solid color to easily analyze you with the given background.

While uploading a virtual background image, use images that match with the aspect ratio of your web camera or mobile camera. Otherwise use a image with a minimum resolution of 1280*720 pixels. And if you uploading a Virtual video, make sure the minimum resolution is at least 360p and maximum up to 1080p. You need to sign out and sign in again after you enable the Virtual Background on desktop client.

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