Chime Banking App

Chime banking offers you holistic flexibility and comfortability in managing your financial aspects with a rapid approach. Experience the simple and intuitive design of the online application to ease your bank processing.

Why you should choose the Chime banking app

Chime online banking app assists you to get paycheck 2 days early without any hidden charges. We support you to develop your savings automatically with highly interactive GUI.
Create an account within 2 minutes to get Visa® Debit Card, a spending account, and optional savings account to serve you as a wallet.

Administer your account through Chime mobile banking app. We assist you to link to other bank accounts by monitoring your spending amount leads you to an improved saving method.

Incredible features of Chime app
• Direct deposit paycheck retrieved 2 days earlier, which makes us be the highly-rated application of the customers.
• Enjoy the no fee charges for your monthly, foreign transactions, and overdraft charges.
• There is no restriction in maintaining the minimum balance amount.
• Make use of your debit card for purchases with zero overdraft charges.
• Perform transactions between other banks with ease processing options.
• Implement instant cash transfer methodologies to transmit the cash to chime/non-chime members using Pay friend’s option.
• Determine increased gains with our savings account.
• Get the transaction notification in real-time with periodic mini statements.
• The interactive customer response support.
• Enhanced privacy supported banking operations using EMV chip card security.
• Chime app permits simple steps to block your card instantly.
• Experience the Wallet free purchasing with Apple Pay / Google Pay.
• Surplus charge-free ATMs supported by Moneypass and Visa Plus Alliance spread over 38,000 places to facilitate you with easy transaction processing operations.
• Make your purchases using a debit card with zero overdraft charges.
• The Mobile check deposit permits the premium members to deposit the check instantly, which eliminates the need to visit the bank for a check deposit.

Procedure to process your funds with profitable Chime account
Open your Account
Download the Chime app and create an account by filling out your details. The chime account approved by banking professionals. You will receive your Chime card within two weeks of duration.

Populate your account with the fund
Introduce a chime account to your employer to deposit funds on all paydays. Establish your connection with other bank accounts to enable fund transfer from your existing bank account.

Make your bill payments anytime
• Once your card is activated, including the account to Apple Pay. Establish bill payment schedules routinely with your Chime Account enable you to pay a bill without waiting in a queue.

Reference Information:
• Please get into our site to clarify your doubts regarding the banking processing activities.
• Our privacy policy clearly states the information we collect and how we use the information with enforced security. You can have a look at our privacy policy.
• Banking services as well as debit cards issued by The Bancorp Bank, Stride Bank, and FDIC Members permitting you to use anywhere.
• Direct deposit funds accessed earlier, depending on the time of payer’s check deposit. We generally post the deposits on the day we receive from the payer.
• Chime SpotMe is an optional charge-free service demands you to deposit $500 every month to support you with debit card purchases of $20. Chime holds the complete responsibility to permit you to withdraw an amount up to $100 depending on the Chime Account history and other risk factors. Your withdraw limit and alterations in the cash limit are notified to you regularly. The withdraw limit decided by the Chime Banking app officials.

** Mobile deposit is permitted to only a few members depending on the qualifications and enrollment policies. The qualification and enrolment requirements subjected to change without any prior notification. The driver’s License considered as an identity document, so upload the document before utilizing the mobile deposit service. Sign in to your Chime Spending Account to determine the eligibility requirements of the account.

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