CounterSocial Network without Ads and Bots

CounterSocial App

CounterSocial is a latest Social Media Platform for people who needs more trusted posts and avoid unnecessary adverts from their screen. It blocks access to their site for certain countries to avoid bots and trolls.

This is regarding the safety of Counter Social community and it’s members. But any nationals can join the CounterSocial if they are outside the blocked country.

To create a new account on Counter Social, you only need to visit their website Counter.Social and click on register button. After entering the username, password and E-mail address, you account on CounterSocial will be created.

CounterSocial App is available for both Android and iPhone devices. The popularity of this social network increased when Elon Musk crush with Twitter.

You need to verify the E-mail received in order to start using the account. We can avoid fake news and other promotional posts on this social media.

This is good advantage when compared to other social medias we use. We can save time and only needed to know what we need to know. It also have added features to make their users more interactive and entertained.

As more people are joining to this new social network, we can find more CounterSocial reviews. They block other VPN’s and bots to secure the data shared on their platform.

The CounterSocial is an alternative to Twitter. You can add friends and see their posts on your dashboard. You can use this Counter Social App or website without any advertisements.

If you have any queries, you can contact CounterSocial on their E-mail address

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