Damus App control your Social Media

Damus App

Have you ever thought of having your own social media controlled by you? Damus brings you that through open internet protocols which helps you to have the full control over your content.

In Damus there will be no one to censor your content and will gives you full authority on your information and content you publish. Damus have end-to-end encryption method which brings more privacy and all your messages will be delivered in a decentralized way.

To use Damus, you do not require to create an account. You do not have give your Name, phone number or e-mail address.

Features on Damus App

The Personal Feed on Damus shows the feeds published by the people you follow on your account. You can post notes using which shows as your feeds and the people who follows will get those feeds.

You can set Personal or Global feeds where the personal feeds cannot seen by everyone. You can add tags and tidal to these notes to by adding ‘@’ in front of the tag.

People can react to these Notes and though messages and likes. The Notes can be re-shared by people who can see the Note. You will receive notifications for each account activities on your account.

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