Donne App Wardrobe Manager

Donne is a sophisticated fashion app designed to revolutionize wardrobe management and personalized styling. Created by Danielle Olivera, a prominent cast member of “Summer House,” Donne integrates advanced features to assist users in managing their clothing collections, receiving tailored outfit suggestions, and engaging with a fashion-forward community.

Danielle Olivera transitioned from her fintech career to the fashion industry, dedicating two years to develop Donne. Her vision was to create an intuitive and feature-rich platform that simplifies wardrobe management. Donne officially launched in August 2023, marking a significant milestone celebrated with a notable event attended by “Summer House” cast members.

Donne has collaborated with fashion brands like Waverles, producing exclusive merchandise such as stylish sweatshirts and sweatpants featuring the Donne logo. These partnerships help promote the app and build a distinctive brand identity.

Lindsay Hubbard and other cast members from “Summer House” have shown support for Donne, praising its innovative features and user-friendly design. Reviews highlight the app’s effectiveness in simplifying wardrobe management and enhancing personal style.

Ciara and West from the show have also been vocal about their positive experiences with Donne, appreciating the personalized styling and professional advice it offers.

Danielle aims to expand Donne’s capabilities and reach. Plans include raising additional capital to grow the development team and introduce new features based on user feedback. Future updates may include enhanced AI-driven styling suggestions, more robust community features, and expanded professional services. Lindsay Hubbard

Donne is a comprehensive fashion app designed to address the everyday needs of women seeking to streamline their wardrobe management and enhance their personal style. With its innovative features, professional styling services, and active community engagement, Donne is set to make a significant impact in the fashion-tech industry.

Danielle Olivera continues to be an influential figure in the fashion space, leveraging her background in fintech and her role on “Summer House” to promote Donne. With the support of her castmates, including Jesse Solomon, Craig Conover, and Paige DeSorbo, the app has garnered significant attention and acclaim.

Loverboy co-founder and fellow “Summer House” cast member has also endorsed Donne, further elevating its profile within the fashion community.

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