Win Cash Prizes on Fox Super Six App

Fox Super 6

Fox Super Six App an exiting game to win cash. On every sunday, you could win upto $100,000/- cash with Terry Bradshaw for free.

The challenge is to predict the NFC championship game and if you predict correct, you will win. The NFL fans can now easily make money only by predicting the game. Not only cash prizes, you can now win SUV’s also in this season.

You can also predict the outcome of NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, Stock Markets, and Pop Culture to get more prizes on go.

The Fox Sports Super Six App is available for Android and Apple devices.

How to Play Fox Super Six Game

  • Download the Fox Super Six App.
  • Register for a free account.
  • Pick and predict the team to win.
  • Add how many more points will the winning team make.
  • Complete the predictions for each questions.

You can also win more prizes on using Super 6 spin. You can have one free spin daily on the application.

You can check the App or website to check whether you make the correct predictions and become a winner. The winners list will be also posted into the social media account of Fox Bet Super Six.

In NFL Sunday schedule, you have to give prediction for six games. When you make the six questions right, you become grand prize winner.

Currently, the Fox Bet Super 6 is only available on United States. The Fox Super Six promotion will be until April 1st, 2023.

You can see the jackpot and consolation prize amounts before you make the predictions for each game. If you cannot see a jackpot prize for an game contest, the consolation prize will be split by the winners.

The winners need PayPal account to withdraw the money to your account. You need a minimum balance of $10 in your Fox Super Six account to transfer the amount to Paypal.

To receive the prize, you needs to submit the relevant documents inorder to check the eligibility by Fox Bet towards the contest entry and winning.

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