Experience Friday Jams with great Music

Friday Jams – What is it and who will be there?

Fridays are the most awaited day of the week and when it comes, its fri-yay!!

As people all around the world, rejoice and enjoy Friday, New-Zealand has found the perfect solution, to make the day even more memorable: Friday Jams. It is the once-a-year happening event that includes a ton of entertainment and music. The biggest RnB and Hip-Hop celebrities come up and the people.

In 2018, Usher, Lil Jon, Salt-N-Pepa, T-Pain, Eve, Naughty By Nature, Ginuwine, Estelle, Che Fu & The Kratez, Kings, Fatman Scoop were the invited guests.

This year’s festival happened on November 17th at the Auckland Western Springs Stadium and the celebrities this time were Janet Jackson, Black eyed peas, 50 cent, Jason Derulo, Keri Hilson, Sisqo, Savage, J-kwon, Mystery act were there. With such a huge number of celebrities going to perform in this festival, one can imagine the crowd that would gather. Because of this gargantum number of celebrities and the event that is happening, it is New Zealand’s biggest entertainment event that happens each year. And every year, the graph keeps increasing.

This event which started 3 years ago has gained a lot of popularity and fandom and hence it would be happening in 2020 too. This year saw a crowd of more than 30000 people and the organisers hope to see an increase in it the coming year 2020.

So, if you are in New Zealand, next year, you should definitely check out Friday Jams!!

A Funny Thing: Although the name is Friday Jams, it happened on a Sunday this year.

How to get there?

A whole lot of arrangements are made each time it happens as making an event successful and enjoyable are the most important. Public transportations like trains and buses are provided each time for the smooth access of event to the people.

It is rather advised to travel through public transportation as there are road blocks and closures near the event, to ensure smooth flow of traffic and if one does not want to be stuck in it, it would be better to take public transportation. This would not only reduce the issue of parking and getting stuck in traffic, but ensures a smooth and enjoyable event for everyone.

Along with the transportation arrangement, after jumping in the festival, everyone would get hungry. One can have lip smacking food that is available and arranged nearby.

Some important things to take care of

Because it is such a huge event, to make it secure for everyone there are some restrictions in the things you can take to the event.

Things like cameras, small amounts of food can be taken. Nevertheless, food, water and drinks are provided at the event, which you can enjoy. The whole list of things allowed, not allowed and transportation details would be available on the website like each time. This year’s details are here.

When does it happen?

You missed it this time but we can help you to attend it next time. Every detail would be available on the website and on their Facebook page also. Tickets would be available online and you can book in advance accordingly.

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