Get your Favorite Food delivered from DoorDash


DoorDash is an online food delivery platform running in more than 850 cities. After opening the website or DoorDash app, you can enter the address to know order availability.

You can see the available restaurants and cuisines after entering the address. It will show a Stay Tuned page while there is no Restaurants available at the given location. You can change the location to check whether the delivery is possible for another location.

The No-contact delivery is possible on DoorDash where the order will be placed in a safe location at your doorstep and alert you for pickup. Through DoorDash app notification and SMS alerts you can easily know the status of your order.

Get Easy Delivery from DoorDash Dashers

The delivery agents in DoorDash are called Dashers. The Dashers basic pay is paid by DoorDash depending on the order estimated duration, distance, and desirability.

The customer can give tips to the Dashers directly through DoorDash. This tip amount will added with the base pay and promotions and then given to the dashers.

The Doordash delivery rates will be increased during high orders and on bad weather conditions. These increased delivery charges will be given to the DoorDash dashers. DoorDash also gives promotional money for delivery agents who are more active and provides better customer satisfaction.

It is also possible to give Group orders through DoorDash. The members of your group can choose their own food and make the billing from you. This option works even without DoorDash account for your group members.

For this, you can select Group Order option from a Restaurant and share the group ordering link with members. The people can then open the link and choose their own food.

After everyone add their items, you can continue to check out the order. This makes easy sharing and no worries of asking everyone what they want. This feature is convenient and easy for you and the group members.

More Features of DoorDash Food Delivery

The DashPass, a subscription program you can use on DoorDash for free delivery and reduced service fees. The subscription cost for DashPass is $9.99 per month.

The free delivery will only applicable from eligible restaurants and the order value must be above over $12. The subscribers can also receive priority support and other promotions.

The DashPass members can also avail 5% DoorDash credit by pickup orders from DashPass restaurants. You need to select DashPass Pickup Benefit from Promo Code section during an order place. This DoorDash credit can be used for your next order.

DoorDash provides option to schedule orders in advance and get it on a specific date and time. You can utilize this by selecting ‘Scheduled’ option from order checkout page and select preferred date and time for delivery.

You can order from high rating restaurants for on-time and accurate delivery. Some stores in DoorDash will deliver orders through their own courier service, where you cannot track the real time status.

DoorDash offers Family and friends Referral program which helps to receive referral credits that can be used for your food ordering. For this you need to share the referral code from your DoorDash account. Whenever someone joins DoorDash from your referral, you will receive an e-mail regarding the referral credit.

They also make some restrictions on sharing the referral code to prevent misuse of the sharing code. So you cannot share the referral code with people who you don’t know.

If they found any Spam activity from your DoorDash account, the account may become inactive. The total number of people you can refer is limited to 25 people.

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