Hallow App Free Lite and Plus

Hallow, a Christian prayer app where you can listen prayers at any time. It helps people to get mediated and get closer to God.

Hallow provide prayer sessions of 5 minutes to 30 minutes. These sessions includes mediation prayers, Examen, Lectio Divina, the Rosary, Father Schmitz’s BiY, CiY and Spiritual Writing etc.

You can also access daily Gospel, Bible stories in the Hallow application.

There are different missions given by the Hallow.

Hallow helps you to experience new way of spiritual life by letting you to interact with other spiritual communities.

Hallow Lite and Hallow Plus

Hallow Lite and Hallow Plus are the two versions of Hallow App. Hallow Lite is free to use and includes Daily Gospel, Rosary, Meditation sessions etc.

How much does Hallow App cost? The Hallow Plus is the paid version where it includes all the features of Hallow Lite along with additional contents. The reviews of this new application is good.

The playlist includes different categories like joy, humility, discernment, calm etc.

The Challenges related to Spiritual knowledge, Meditation playlist and sleep time prayers are also included with Hallow Plus. The paid version is also available for 14 days free trial.

Hallow Plus cost $9.99 per month and for yearly subscription $69.99 will be charged.

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