Use Helo to showcase your Creative Works

Helo is a social Media App where you can share your thoughts and ideas to inspire others. It connects content creators and audience in a single platform. The Helo account can be created using Facebook, Google, Twitter account or using the phone number.

You can find contents from any category in Helo social network. You can explore trending topics and can use search option to find contents from Helo posts, accounts and topics.

We can use multiple Helo accounts from Android or iPhone Helo App. The another account can be switched from current account profile page. You can enable Helo push notifications from your profile page to receive instant notifications on your post likes, comments, new followers, and security notifications.

How to Create a Post in Helo

  • Open the Helo App and login to your account.
  • Tap the ‘Plus’ button from Homepage.
  • Add a topic for the post.
  • Choose from Poll, Text, Photo, Video etc.
  • Upload the necessary item and provide text.
  • Select and verify the privacy settings.
  • Tap on the Post option to post it to your profile.

You can upload a video within 3 sec to 20 minutes(max size of 400 MB) into the Helo account. But if you record a video using Helo App for posting, you can only create a short video of 3 to 30 seconds. In record option, it is possible to add layout, stickers and other filter and beautify option for the video.

The only privacy issue on Helo is that the non-registered users can also browse the public contents and share anywhere. On such activity, we will receive a notification as Anonymous user activity. You can block profile who sends unnecessary messages. The block list can be managed easily and can unblock the profiles at any time. It is possible to report profiles and unwanted comments which do not follow Helo community guidelines. Helo agents will review these reported post and take necessary action.

The notification tab will help you to check messages you receive on Helo. And the messages from stranger will be listed in Message requests tab. Using Pin to Top option you can easily pin certain messages on top of your inbox.

In Helo you can save important post content into your phone. The download option will save the content directly to your phone memory and if you want it to be saved in Helo App, you can add the post to the favorites list.

If you are planning to share a post in Helo seen from another Helo profile, you can easily do that by using the option repost, which will post the content into your profile. And ,If you want to share the post into another social network, you can use the share option given under each post.

To get more reach for your post, you can add hashtags for the post. This will help to receive the right audience for the post. While using the hashtag for the post, you need to ensure to add only the relevant hashtag and keep it minimal. It is recommended to add five hashtag for each post.

For knowing the popular hashtags on Helo, you can search Helo Trends where it shows the trending hashtags which people search more. You can also follow Helo official team hashtag discussion accounts which available for different category for understanding more on trending topics.

Helo provide verified badge for people such as public figures, stars, government officials and registered businesses. This will help to prevent fake accounts and give more safety for the audience. The verified badge is blue in color and can be seen next to profile name.

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