Ease Education in Mathematics and Spanish with Istation Learning

Istation learning

The world has progressed and so has the reading and learning techniques of people. New ways of getting education have evolved replacing traditional methods by applying better, faster and modern skills. Different apps have been developed to impart education. Istation is one such app.

“Imagination Station”was founded in 1998 in Texas. It has become United Nation’s leading richly animated game like educational technology. It is an all in one educational technology which allows schools to differentiate learning.


Istation’s Super 7 Essentials provide the educational tools needed by schools for powerful blended learning from pre-kindergarten to 8th standard.

  1. Formative Assessments: Various computer game like activities are used for adaptive assessment of students to enhance learning.
  2. Adaptive Curriculum: Whenever students need instruction and guidance, it is provided to them right way.
  3. Personalized Data Profiles:Immediate online reports present accurate results and relevant statistics required by educators.
  4. Teacher Resources: Educational resources comprise of supportive and flexible tools of instructions.
  5. School-to-Home connection: Learning becomes easy as the technique can be availed at home too.
  6. Professional Development: Experienced subject and technical experts are available to provide the best of education.
  7. Proven Results: Results have proved the success of Istation methodology.

Functioning of ISTATION

Istation lays emphasis on instructional time in classroom through small sub groups as well as collaborative instruction. It is easy for administrators and educators to track down the progress of schools, classrooms and students.

Istation’s Reading, Math and Spanish Programs have depicted high rate of success and are extremely popular. They keep students engaged, fully motivated and highly interactive throughout the sessions. Assessments are made through computer either in a computer lab or in a classroom.

Istation uses powerful research based scientific tools of reading.Based on comprehensive research, it covers the National Reading Panel’s “Big Five” foundational essentials: Phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.

Readers are assessed every 30 minutes with an engaging computer adaptive assessment. Teachers are given instant reports of student’s progress.

Schools using this technology find the much needed support to enhance the comprehension growth and learning process among students. Customized guidance and enable the child to progress.

Powerful instruction and intervention for Spanish literacy is another important feature of Istation. This programme has been designed by Spanish language educators.

The computer adaptive skills are used to assess learner’s literacy skills in Spanish. The quick and slow learners are then placed in different groups accordingly and provided interactive online instructions.

Teachers are given instant reports to monitor the progress of each child. In accordance with these reports students are directed and intervened in different small groups to enhance skills and get command over language.

Istation’s ISIP assess and teach fundamental skills for mastery of Mathematical concepts. Students’ mathematical proficiency is assessed within 30 minutes with a computer adaptive assessment.

They are then accurately placed in groups and made to follow individualized instructional guidance in keeping with their progress about different mathematical concepts.

Huge number of lesson plans, automated tools and flexible resources help educators to provide individualized instructional guidance.

Benefits of Istation Learning

Istation’s innovative classes are extremely beneficial for learning. It narrows achievement inequalities and increases the opportunities for the ones lagging behind.

Students using Istation both at home and in school for more than 30 minutes per week showed a significant improvement in studies and skill development.It has earned several National education awards for its innovative teaching techniques.

It has benefited huge number of students in United States and many countries across the globe.The curriculum and assessment are based on data from scientific and independent research studies which have proved Istation’s effectiveness. It has proved its practicability and application in classroom.

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