Kick Streaming Platform Trainwreck

Kick is a new streaming app from Trainwreck. It is best alternative to Twitch. You can create an account on Kick using your e-mail address or google account.

If your username is suspected of impersonation, trademark violation, profanity, hate speech, or racial slurs, they can change your username or will suspend your account.

The users can report violations of other users inorder to comply with the kik streaming platform policy. This live streaming platform is started with beta version and now open to use by the public.

Faraz Niknam who worked in Twitch is now working with Kick streaming service. Trainwreck was well know popular creators at Kick. Adin Ross is also available on Kick.

They offer a better streaming and interactive platform for live streamers and the audience. The Kick offers a impressive revenue share with the creators which attracts more people to start streams with Kicks.

The Kicks which are donations given for the creators from their audience. The users can easily sent money to their favorite and other creators. The creators can instantly know about the Kicks and they can withdraw the money at any time.

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