Find Unique Filters, Special Effects, and Stickers on Likee App

Likee App

We all, at some point in our lives may come across with videos that mesmerized us and sat to think of the special effects and transitions of the Video. Ever thought of making videos that could make us look cool and awesome?

With the help of Likee App, a new ultra cool video editing application that assists you in making videos with SFX, 3D magical effects, and many other exceptional features.

Likee App which is available for Android and iOS devices. It have huge celebrity accounts, millions of followers and have outstanding community. Likee application is from asia’s biggest streaming company BIGO and have viral contents that aligned with the ever growing trends on social media.

Likee vs other Video Editing Applications

Likee App is a visually quite appealing and loaded with cool effects which makes it perfect for users who love to showcase their talents. With Likee, you can innovate, get creative and bring out the wizard inside you.

By using this App, anyone can transform their ordinary activities into creative videos by adding simple effects like customized lip sync of favorite music or dialogues.

Not only Likee App let you become the director of your music video clip, it also helps you to add impressive effects like Laser Eye, Ice Butterfly, Heart, Dazzled, and many features to your Video. This App also provide facilities for teens to socialize with the help of added feature like Video calling.

Likee App is included with high performance client structure to guarantee effective user experience even on low-end mobile phones, along with fancy video processing effects, quick and easy video play technology etc.

Even though there are many Video editing apps available in the market, Likee stands out by itself on being the one made ‘To be different’. The Likee App tagline signifies, “Everyone is a magician”.

Likee is one of the few apps which can use Body Action Recognition technology, which recognizes and interprets human gestures and movements. They’ve also used high-level tech to include certain superpower video effects such as flying.

Getting Started with Likee App

Here is how you can get started with Likee application,

  1. Download and install Likee App from Google play store or from AppStore.
  2. Open Likee App and create account.
  3. Choose your preferred language.
  4. Create your Account using your Facebook, Google Account or phone number.
  5. Once account creation completes, you can login to the Likee App.

Likee App is simple to use even for beginners. Below are few things you can read to know the features and other functions of Likee App,

  • Set Your Profile Picture – Click on the first option you see when you open the App, to set the profile picture. You will be able to change it whenever you want.
  • Follow – By clicking on the follow button, you can see the videos uploaded by that person.
  • Popular – The videos which are trending or viral are shown here.
  • Nearby – With this option, you can see the people close to you.
  • Latest – You can discover latest Videos here.
  • Global – With this option, you will be able to watch videos from other countries.
  • Notifications – Will get notifications when someone like or comment on your video.
  • Music Selection – If you wish to make a video by adding a song, then you can select the song by simply clicking on it.
  • Shoot first – Click on this to create your first video or a new video.
  • From Album – If you have already made a video or want to upload a video from Gallery, you can do it from here.
  • 4D Magic – You can create Magic videos like adding stickers, tattoos and business cards etc.
  • Face Stickers – Get a new look for your face with the Sticker option.
  • Music magic – There are different types of Music effects that can be added to your video.
  • Dialogue Acting – You can act on any Dialogue. You will be able to find a huge variety of entertaining dialogues.

Decked with an overabundance of features, composed mainly to engage the youth by exhibiting their love for music, dance, fashion, and entertainment, the Likee App is truly a magical theater.

An exciting blend of lip sync videos and magical effects, Likee is a perfect stress buster along with being a tech masterpiece for not only for entertainment enthusiasts but also those who always seek to follow a different path on every movement.

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