Parler Free Speech and Open disclose Social Platform

Parler App

Parler is a social networking platform is with free speech and privacy focused concept. It is an alternative to social networking giants which is similar to Twitter. You can also watch entertainment videos and real time news from Parler.

Parler offers a public square network to speak out. By submitting Name, phone number and mail address, a user can sign up an account in Parler. User can update their information, interests and upload cover image after creating account.

Posting Content in Parler

You could post contents on Parler, follow accounts and could find contents on news feed. A post in parler is called Parlay. Users are allowed to post up to 1000 characters along with four images and one link. In Twitter you can only post 280 characters. User can upload photos, texts, links to stories, GIFs and can comment on posts, and also search for popular hashtags.

To upload a text or link or video, click on + button on the right bottom corner from your Parlay account. Type the text or copy paste the link URL you would like to share. Then click on Submit button to share.

To upload a photo or GIF, click on the photo icon available. Then choose the photo or GIF from your gallery. Click on Submit to upload. You can share only one GIF at a time.

A user can also up vote the liked contents. Parler gives Golden badge for their verified profiles, brands, influencers, public figures etc. Being a verified influencer, you will be allowed to have private messages and many more perks. It is just a process to verify your identity on parler. The Personal data given to Parler is kept confidential and never sold to third parties.

How Parler different from other Social Medias

Parler themselves introduces as free speech focused social platform to protect user’s right. Parler has also some features like Echo equivalent which is to share or retweet in Twitter.

As social media giants Facebook and Twitter cracked down forcefully on misinformation, people begins to look for other social media platforms. Parler became favorite for people those who hate racism and discrimination. Parler has an extensive community guideline including the freedom of speech. The Parler community guidelines are to the point, very simple and anything unlawful is not allowed to post.

The platform does not allows posting contents that are Not safe for work. Parler have the right to remove any content and terminate your service at any time. You can receive communications from Parler via phone, email, text message etc. Users who violate policies will be given points assigned by community jury. If the user exceeds the limit then they will be banned.

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