Affordable TV Streaming Package by Philo

Philo Live TV

Philo is a TV service which available only in United States. Their service can be accessed online from computer, Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. The Philo App is available for Android and Apple devices.

Philo supports TV Everywhere Authentication which helps their subscribers to watch TV content from other network partners. This helps to see all channels available in Philo in other apps where Philo supports.

Before purchasing the Philo package, you need to check the channel list to see whether your favorite channels are available on their network. It’s not the channel count, it only matters what you need and love. To start with Philo TV, you need a mobile number or E-mail address for account registration.

Philo TV Features and Benefits

For a single account, they provide Simultaneous streaming which helps your family members to use your Philo account to watch their favorite programs.

Think you are watching a movie, where it comes the crucial point, suddenly you see a comic advertisement. Whatever you see that much time will become gloomy.

On Philo, you don’t need to worry about this. Because Philo completely avoids advertisements and other commercial popups during the stream.

Another feature of Philo is DVR function which helps to record the favorite programs. They offer unlimited storage space to save TV programs, Sports, TV series or anything. Whenever you save a program, it will be available for 30 days and will automatically removed.

The New & Upcoming section will helps you to know details about latest and upcoming programs. We can hope they will add more contents to make their subscribers to stay on their network and attract more users of other streaming networks.

Unlike other streaming networks, Philo does not offer additional feature of extensions. If they can bring this to their service, it will help subscribers to add multiple streaming provider accounts in a single place.

When comparing with different networks, Philo is only helpful for people those who watch less and who wants to save some money on TV subscription. It includes more of lifestyle channels and programs. More people love their service because of low cost and simplicity.

For every program, you can see the details and description and whenever you save a program, it will be automatically added to the saved list. The playback service helps you to watch programs that you have missed. This will avoid worry towards missing of programs and give time to complete the ongoing things without worrying.

What all things you need to Know about Philo

Philo is simple to use and it is straight forward towards their users by not showing much more options on TV stream. The unavailability of Sports channels, local broadcast, originals and other on-demand contents are some drawbacks of Philo.

They also don’t offer Child restrictions which becomes a headache for parents to restrict contents based on their Kids age and program rating.

Philo Referral Program is introduced to their subscribers to share Philo service to others and can get reward $5 towards referrer next subscription.

You can get this referral link from your account Referral section and can share the referral by sending this code through SMS or other social media networks.

Philo TV offers a 7 days free trial which we can use to check whether their service is beneficial. This trial will include 58 channels which is also available in their paid package. Once the trial period is over, your account will be automatically upgraded to Philo paid subscription.

The Philo provides HD quality based on the broadcasted program and the network speed. You can also manually change full HD and SHD options. By connecting Philo with your streaming network, you can watch their channels on your Television or Apple TV.

If you have any problems with Philo account, you can use their chat service available on their website to contact Philo customer service.

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