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The Pluto TV app is available out of the box on most phones, tablets, popular browsers, streaming devices, and smart TVs. On all of the Pluto TV platforms below.

Explore unique and exclusive channels covering movies, TV shows, true crime, sports, poker, news, entertainment, gaming, documentaries, adventure, comedy and so much more.

The Pluto TV app is available out of the box on most phones, tablets, popular browsers, streaming devices, and smart TVs. On all of the Pluto TV platforms below, closed captioning is tested and verified to support your preferred way of watching.

Cast your favorite Pluto TV content to your Chromecast device.

Chromecast via Chrome Browser steps,

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • At the top right, click the InfoMoreicon.
  • Choose your Chromecast device from the available list of devices on your active network. If you’re already using the Chromecast, you’ll see the active icon baseline_cast_white_18dp.png.
  • PRESTO – you’re casting to your viewing device from your browser!

Pluto TV offers 100s of channels for zeros of dollars. Enjoy 1000s of on-demand movies and binge-worthy TV shows, the latest breaking news, live sports and more. Keep an eye on our ever-expanding lineup as there is something for everyone! Drop in. Lean back. And enjoy an out-of-this-world entertainment experience.

Pluto TV on Xbox One is an immersive experience that you won’t forget – providing optimal feedback in both gaming and viewing. With The Xbox One, you can utilize your controller to navigate Pluto TV.

To navigate the guide menu, you can use your directional pad,

  • Up and Down Arrows allow you to flip through the channels.
  • Left Arrow will take take you to the category menu.
  • Right Arrow will show the program information of what you are viewing.

How to watch Live TV/ On Demand?

  • To watch Live TV, activate the guide by pressing B (Red).
  • Proceed to press B once more.
  • Then select Live TV.
  • To use the On Demand feature, use the Right Arrow then press A (Green).

Activate the guide menu by pressing B (red). Then press the Right Arrow to view more info about your current program.

Most of the live and on demand content on Pluto TV’s service have English or Spanish closed captions. Pursuant to FCC rules for IP-based closed captioning, any English or Spanish content that originally aired in the U.S. with captions should carry closed captions when it is rebroadcast over the internet.

The following Verizon devices are compatible with PlutoTV,

  • Fios TV One
  • Fios TV One Mini
  • VMS 1100
  • IPC 1100
  • Verizon Stream TV (Android TV 8.0 or higher) Box
  • Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Stick
  • Fire TV Cube (Gen 2)
  • New Android smart phones and tablets (excludes Google Pixel)

T-Mobile is teaming up with PlutoTV to give eligible T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro by T-Mobile customers rotating content including advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) exclusive content, limited and no-ad movies and exclusive access to Paramount + original series.

Watching an On Demand Title

  • Click the pause button baseline_pause_white_18dp.png while watching an On Demand title.
  • Your On Demand title will patiently await your return in the Continue Watching section. Simply click the title to begin watching where you left off.

And, that’s not all. If you watch at least one minute of an On Demand title, it will automatically add that title to your Continue Watching list. After an On Demand title has been watched, it will automatically be removed from your Continue Watching section.

Closed captions may be enabled through the “CC” button in the video player, pictured below. If these player controls are not visible, then try tapping your screen (on a mobile device) or pressing OK with your remote on the player window to bring them up.

On Roku devices, closed captioning must be enabled through the Roku player menu, which is opened by pressing the star (*) button on the remote while in Pluto TV.

Pluto TV Closed Captioning on Android Phone and Tablet

  • Open your device’s Settings app
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android 11+: Go to Accessibility, then under the Hearing enhancements section select Google subtitles (CC)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note, Android 11+: Go to Accessibility, then under the Hearing enhancements section select Subtitle settings; from there, select Google subtitles (CC)
  • Google Pixel, Android 10+: Go to Accessibility, then under Audio & on-screen text select Captions
  • Universal: Search for “Subtitles” or “Captions” and find caption settings
  • Caption appearance settings may be adjusted under Caption size and style
  • Select a preset caption style or create a custom style

Watch popular brands including Unsolved Mysteries and Forensic Files for true crime fans, World Poker Tour for poker enthusiasts, Glory Kickboxing for the fight fan, Fear Factor and Ice Pilots for adrenaline junkies, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s for animated entertainment and Pluto TV Originals such as Pluto TV Movies showing award winning movies and stars such as Mila Kunis, Nicolas Cage, Robin Williams, Danny Dyer, Patrick Swayze and many more.

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