Monitor and Find Unnecessary Spending using Rocket Money

Rocket Money

Rocket Money is an automated financial assistant that can help you manage your subscriptions, lower your bills, save you money, and keep you on top of your financial life.

To use Rocket Money, you want to first connect your bank accounts and credit cards so that our software can analyze your transactions.

WebGet alerts to keep you on goal. Rocket Money automatically categorizes your spend and will alert you when you are nearing your desired spending goals.

Rocket Money is a money management app that aims to help users reduce their spending and save money.

Once you do that, we automatically find all your subscriptions and recurring bills, which appear in the Recurring tab of the app. From there, you can click on any subscription to see more about it and cancel unneeded ones. You can cancel yourself, or if you choose to join our Premium membership, our concierges will do it for you!

You can also lower your bills. To do this, you want to click on the “Lower your bills” card on your Dashboard tab, then add the various bills that you’d like to lower.

Head over to the Spending tab to see monthly reports of your money, where it’s going, and how your spending changes over time. You can also view a full list of transactions and even search through your transactions across all your accounts from here.

You can start budgeting by tapping on the “Start Budget” box on the Spending tab. You can then edit or add budget categories by tapping on the Settings icon beneath your Spend pie chart. Budgeting lets you easily keep your spending in line by category!

Rocket Money offers several ways to save users money.

First and foremost, we automatically identify your subscriptions, bills, and other recurring payments. Many people are accidentally paying for stuff they no longer use.

You can cancel these unwanted services or have our concierge do it for you (Premium members only).

We can negotiate with your internet, cable, cell phone, security, and other bills to try to get you better rates on your existing plans. This service is very time intensive so we have to charge for it, however we do it on a success fee basis.

We charge your choice of a percentage of the first year savings as a success fee – you can choose any amount from 30% to 60%.

By tracking your balances and upcoming bills, our users avoid overdrafting their accounts (and the expensive fees that come along with it).

You can also create Balance Alerts (from Settings -> Balance Alerts) to notify you when your balances drop below a specified threshold.

Rocket Money is a free to use app, but we offer several OPTIONAL services that do cost money. Here’s how it works,

It allow members to choose your own price for Premium. You can choose on a sliding scale between $3-$12/month. The $3 and $4 options are billed annually.

Premium features include: Syncing your balance, Premium Chat, Cancellations Concierge, Custom Categories, Unlimited Budgets, Smart Savings, and More. Premium subscriptions automatically renew and can be cancelled at any time.

You can cancel your Premium membership at any time from within the app by:

  • Go to the Settings tab in the app and select Premium.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Modify Premium.
  • Follow the confirmation steps to cancel your subscription.

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