Add Sad Emotion of your Face using Sad Face Filter

Sad Face Filter App

Sad Face Filter or Crying Face Filter gives a way to make sad look on your face without having sad emotion on real. This filter uses AI to make the face more to sad look. Create unique Videos and Reels with Sad Face in realtime.

Give different emotions to your face with available filters on Social media Apps.

Sad Face Filter on Snapchat App

  • Open Snapchat App and login.
  • Select Emoji icon near to record option.
  • Open Explore option and search for Sad Face.
  • You can then see different filters for Sad Face.
  • Select one of the Filter and apply.

The Sad Face filter can be used to record Sad Face Snap and save.

Instagram Sad Face Filter

The Sad Face Filter is also available on Instagram and you can use it just like in the Snapchat Filter.

  • Open Instagram App.
  • Tap on Plus button on Homepage.
  • Choose Reel option.
  • Select Effects feature on Instagram.
  • Search for Sad Face on Effects.
  • Select the available Sad Face.
  • Create the Reels and Publish it with Sad Face Filter.

If you want to use the Sad Filter on Tiktok, you can download the Sad Face Video from Instagram or Snapchat App and upload to Tiktok for using. You can then share this videos to anyone you want.

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