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Members app is the community of Galaxy professionals for galaxy users around the world to provide support, feedback and help with their smartphone.

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Remember the days when people had a basic handset with minimal functions like call and text, and when things go wrong they would try connecting to the customer support or rush into the nearest service centers.

Times have changed, the tech-savvy generation of today, carry multiple devices that are constantly connected and the changing technology has revolutionized the mobile world and the phone company’s attitude towards their customers by taking their brand experience to a whole new level aiming to build loyal customers for life.

Samsung is a brand that goes leaps and bounds to continuously ensure customer satisfaction by providing best in class customer experience and is now taken off to a whole new level with the Samsung Members app.

What is Samsung Members App

Every Samsung owner in the US had the luxury of personalized live expert support on their galaxy device that enables users to retain their devices as good as the day they bought it with a vast number of tricks and tips, self-support tools with an app called samsung+. Whereas the Samsung users outside the US had Samsung members app and mysamsung was exclusively available in Southeast Asia and Oceania countries with the same functionality. Samsung decided to merge the apps after the release of galaxy s10 with the name Samsung members worldwide. 

Empowers the users to get more out of Samsung ownership
Samsung is known to stand light years ahead of its competitors in keeping its customers happy with its exceptional services. Their magic formula is investing in building lasting customer relationships in order to move forward in the business.

Over a period of time, Samsung has created an enviable position in the global markets for being a people-company by constantly wooing their customers with best in class customer experience and support.

Reasons to love Samsung Members App

Latest News and Tips to stay up-to-date

Make the most of technology on Samsung Galaxy devices by staying up to date with the latest news, read the stories about the inside innovations and technological developments, and popular galaxy apps to make your life easy and entertaining.

No questions left unanswered

Another helpful feature that makes the user’s life so much simpler. The app provides a comprehensive FAQ section with detailed solutions to all possible questions. A great forum to ask for expert advice when you think you are in deeper trouble.

Keep your gadgets as good as new 

At some point haven’t we all wished that our devices’ performances didn’t deteriorate over time. It’s awesome to have an app that runs a series of diagnostics and tests to make sure the device’s performance is kept at its best and ensures a wonderful user experience throughout.

Unlock the world of unlimited rewards

How nice would you feel if your brand treats you with promos, discounts, freebies and rewards on the things you love and places you go? An exclusive and exciting benefit that galaxy users enjoy includes special offers in food, lifestyle, and destinations from Samsung’s numerous brand partners. 

Enhanced customer service features

This time customer service has gone beyond traditional methods. Members app has been updated with the latest features like 24-hour tech support, access to live chat service, pre-booking to repair your gadgets, etc.

Incredible Diagnostic Tools

Samsung members come with an impressive diagnostic tool that thoroughly checks the phone’s overall health by checking its reboots, phone storage, battery charging by picking up the root status of your phone and notifying the user about weak charging, etc. It also runs a speed test for your wifi and your mobile network.  

Ever wondered, How long does my phone run if I charge it for 30 minutes? Samsung Members comes with an interesting battery forecast that lets the user know about battery discharge timings and the charge percentage if you juice up your phone for a good 30 minutes and so on.

Samsung Members, besides remaining the goodness tree, is still one of the most underused apps as a lot of Galaxy users are unaware of its potential benefits in everyday life. Samsung Members is undoubtedly a reliable tech product that you can count on for greater support, access to information, better decision making and keeping your gadgets as good as new with its smarter solutions.

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