Practice and Learn Music Lessons on SmartMusic


SmartMusic can be defined as a web-based suite of music tools designed for imparting music education and efficient support practice, ensuring growth and development in musicians.

New additions to this musical platform make it a perfect choice for performers and teachers.

The New SmartMusic Version

The new SmartMusic version is more efficient and easy-to-use as compared to the Classic style. The latest web-based platform lives in the cloud and is open for constant refining.

Moreover, teachers can eliminate the need for downloading the new version every time, which can lose the track of improvement of the past years and months. Additionally, this extraordinary version is packed with exclusive features that set it apart from the previous Classic version.

The short music videos available in the new version are designed to give you a kick start with this music software. Seasoned users can access music education resources and in-depth tips that can go far beyond the SmartMusic usage.

A newly redesigned navigation menu

The navigation bar is redesigned to impart a more consistent and efficient navigation between the features of SmartMusic. The latest menu provides quick and easy access to the pivotal elements that are as follow:

  • Navigation menu
  • Help center
  • Profile options
  • Quick dashboard access

When discussing the new feature additions in the SmartMusic software, the efficient Search improvements are a must to mention. Besides, the layout has changed, hence, the filters you specify will remain visible on the left side of your device screen throughout the entire search. It is possible to access multiple filters simultaneously. The voice categories have been streamlined with 4 new options that are as follow:

  • Voice high
  • Voice Low
  • Voice Medium
  • Voice – All

The assignment process is also improved to ensure more efficiency. The global parameters on the first page and one-click application for setup application are the two crucial changes from this aspect. Furthermore, the grading page is also redesigned to make it more user-friendly and convenient.

Benefits of SmartMusic

Now, why SmartMusic becomes the most sought after option among performers and teachers? Well, let’s discuss the features that make this software unique and outstanding.

  • Communication loop – Both students and teachers can view the written comments on each other on student recordings and assignments.
  • Practice tools – The tuner, metronome as well as the ability for loop sections are designed in a user-friendly approach.
  • Repertoire library – Over 150 method books, accompanied by plenty of solos and more than 5400 ensemble titles from popular publishers.
  • Immediate feedback – Instant feedback allows students to note down the corrections of the rhythms and notes they played. You can receive an immediate score as well as hear their recording.

What kind of assessment support is provided?

  • Rubrics
  • Analytics
  • Units
  • Grade book

Methods of training

  • Virtual webinars – 2-hour session conducted online gives an overview of the smart music software, followed by a certificate.
  • In-person training – One day complete training customized to fit your school program or district, led by well-known veteran music teachers.

Benefits of Teacher Subscriptions

  • Reference recordings – Impart students with the sense of how their parts actually fit it, along with the opportunity for modeling their performances after the top-class musicians.
  • Notation tool composition – You can develop your custom notations, and export/import MusicXML files between popular music notation items.
  • Sight-reading builder – You can develop plenty of sight-reading exercises instantly for an individual instrument and ensemble.
  • Music sharing opportunity – You can share your compositions publicly and privately via the Compose notation tool with your performers.

Concluding finally, this outstanding music software is accessible through Chromebook, computers, and iPad. Color blind support is also provided to ensure individuals who perceive colors differently can also access the platform effortlessly.

If you are a music lover, you must give this app a try! It’s a perfect app for teachers and learners. So, what are you waiting for? Download it today and enjoy a thrilling musical experience!

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