Do App Testing, Share Opinions and Earn Cash through SocialDM

SocailDM App

SocialDM is a application which lets us earn free cash through your smartphone. All you need to do is test free Apps and share opinions. You can invite others to earn extra cash.

The work you doing in the background is just beta testing. You can do this to Applications, Games, and providing you options on them.

SocialDM App for Earning Money Online

Through SocialDM App, you can earn unlimited money. By engaging with different brand you can know more details about them and by sharing these opinions and giving surveys, you earning are in the right track.

You can join SocialDM and start the journey to earn extra income. You can see different offers available on SocialDM Offer page which gives what you need to do along with the payout details.

Different offers have different payouts and these offers are updated in every 24 hrs which helps you to join different programs without boring.

After completing an offer or task, it will take 10 minutes to get it updated on your SocialDM account. The Social DM App is available for Android and iOS devices.

You need to complete below required things to get the first cash payout.

Social DM App

How SocialDM Invite and Earn works

You can see your unique invitation link on SocialDM account dashboard. You can copy this link and share anywhere or your can share the link using popular social media profiles right from SocialDM.

You will earn $2 for every person clicking on the invitation link. When someone joins SocialDM using the referral link you will get $15 additional. Other than this when the invited friend completed any task you can get 20% invite bonus of the offer completion by your friend.

Before joining SocialDM, you are advised to check the SocialDM reviews.

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