Tims Roll Up the Rim Contest to Win Tim Hortons

Tims Roll Up the Win

Tim Hortons come up with Roll Up To Win 2023 contest for their customers. The contest is from 6th March to 2nd March.

To participate in the contest you need to register for an Tims Rewards account. Using Tim Hortons App you can easily enroll into the Roll Up the Win and get exiting prizes.

Win Prizes from Tim Hortons

For entering into the Roll Up To Win contest, first you need to enroll. For this open the Tim Hortons Rewards App and choose Rool up to Win banner from homepage. You will be asked to enter a simple content.

Then you will see some tips on playing the game and game rules. Select I accept after reading the rules of the game. On last page choose start rolling and now you have finished the steps.

You can start using the Tim Hortons App for playing Roll Up the Win game and win prizes. More you order, the more rolls will be added to your account.

For each purchase from Tim Hortons, you will get chance to roll into Roll Up the Win contest and can get different prizes. To mark your purchase on Tim Hortons account, you need to provide the QR code on Tim Hortons App to the restaurant or takeaway counter.

It is also possible to give the Tim Hortons Rewards card at the counter instead of QR code. This gives you chance to win prizes by rolling in the Tim Hortons game.

By doing this, not only you can get digital roll on Roll Up To Win contest but also you can get TimHortons reward points. By ordering through Tim Hortons App, special bonus rolls will be added to your account.

Other Games you can play on Tim Hortons App

Tims NHL Hockey Challenge is another way you can earn prizes from Tim Hortons. This game is available throughout the season. The top 5 players on can win prizes from monthly leaderboard and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs leaderboard etc.

  • If 1 of your Picks Score, you can win 25 Tims Rewards points OR an offer.
  • If 2 of your Picks Score, you can win 50 Tims Rewards points.
  • If 3 of your Picks Score, you can win 250 Tims Rewards points.
  • If any of your Picks scores a goal for seven consecutive game days, you will stand a chance to win free coffee for a week.

The prizes you won can be seen from My Rewards & Offers option. These prizes are valid for 1 year and have to be activated within 2 days of awarded time.

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