Safe and Kid Friendly Entertainment on YouTube Kids


YouTube Kids is mainly created with a simple concept of safe visual entertainment for the Kids as they can watch from their favorite shows, learn interesting concepts and hear Music.

YouTube Kids allows Parents to direct and control what their children watch and provide only appropriate content as per their age. Parents can also track the watch history of their kids with Parents digital control option.

Benefits of YouTube Kids

Imparting children with visuals can give more impact over the memory than the verbal things. It exposes the kid’s mind to a new era of learning and builds interest in new languages and tasks. YouTube Kids is a source of entertainment for kids and helpful for the parent to get some relaxed time while the Kid can watch programs safely.

Kids have inbuilt capability of learning new concepts, things, and even languages quickly regardless of positive and negative things in it.

Since many parents felt reluctant in letting their kids access YouTube which has access to almost everything across the globe, YouTube Kids comes as a retreat for such parents worries.

YouTube Kids comes handy to break the entire exposure and provides only limited knowledge access to the Kid. It offers opportunity to learn different concepts and languages online.

So in an early age itself Kids can make themselves good and proficient in any language like a native speaker can be. Other benefits of Youtube Kids include,

  • It can increase confidence of the Kids.
  • Can Improve the speaking skills.
  • It cultivates teaching skills in the new learners in such a budding age.

How to add Parenting control on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids has certain default adult filters to provide safe and relevant content to Kids. However it can be made better and customized through the Parental control options.

A Parent can guide the Kid to watch specific things and avoid certain things. When Kid or Parent access YouTube Kids through App or website they need be to sign-in to view the contents.

The Kids can use YouTube Kids only when Parent set up the account for using. Parent needs to sign in for Parent’s account and set up Kids profile based on their age.

There are three Age profiles available – Preschool, Younger and Older. The Preschool profile recommends videos appropriate for ages 4 and under. This includes creative, playfulness, learning and exploration videos.

The Younger Age profile recommend videos appropriate for age 4 to 7. The Video includes Songs, Cartoons, Crafts and other interesting topics. Older Age profile provides content recommended for kids ages 8 to 12. Music videos, Gaming, Family Vlogs, Science etc are included in this age profile.

The Videos in Youtube Kids are provided by excluding mature contents through automatic filtering. So it is also possible to appear inappropriate contents and if you find such Videos, you can flag it for Youtube review.

The Video will be removed if found inappropriate content. Youtube Kids allows the parent to set certain time limits and also possible to turn off Search Videos option.

A Parent can utilize their Google account or passcode to prevent settings change. Parent can set these settings during Profile creation.

It is possible to configure multiple profiles and customize the Youtube experience for each Kid. They can also block unwanted videos and channels. Youtube Kids portal is also termed as a digital babysitter.

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