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13Cabs Taxi

Any time of the day or night, the 13cabs app puts you one tap away from Australia’s largest taxi fleet and the most Professional Drivers in the business.

Book your Ride on 13cabs

The quickest and easiest way is via the 13cabs app. With just a few taps, you can book your ride, select your type of car, lock in a price guarantee and even choose your favourite Drivers. You can also book right here on the website. Just hit the ‘Book Now’ button on the home page. Or you can call one of operators 24/7 on 13 2227.

If you have the 13cabs app, you just get out and go. Your payment will be processed in the app and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you’ve hailed your cab on the street or booked on the phone or online, simply pay by your preferred credit or debit card, Cabcharge or cash.

The price you see when you book with the 13cabs app is the price you’ll pay when you go from A to B The only exceptions are if you change your destination mid-trip, or ask your Driver to take a different route to the one calculated by the app.

We have a fleet of around 10,000 cabs which includes sedans, SUVs, MAXI-Taxis, Silver Service cars and wheelchair accessible cabs. Just choose the type you need in the app or let us know when you book.

For added payment security, 13cabs now pre-authorises your payment method to protect you against fraud. The pre-authorisation hold amount is a predetermined amount that either represents the full amount of the estimated fare for your booking or $1 or any other predetermined amount as may be required by 13cabs.

13cabs Digital Pass

  1. Visit the 13cabs booking website
  2. Enter your trip details – hint: you can book now or schedule for later
  3. At Payment method choose ‘Paying the Driver Directly’
  4. Make sure you have downloaded your 13cabs Digital Pass to your phone wallet before your ride
  5. At the end of your trip, just tell the Driver you’re paying with Cabcharge and tap away

13cabs Digital Passes are currently supported by iPhone 6 or later and with iOS 9 and later, and Android with NFC and Lollipop 5.0 and above.

The 13cabs Price Guarantee is a fixed price set at the time of booking within the 13cabs app to get from point A to B. This is the final price that the customer will pay. No additional charges apply.

When passengers set their pick up and drop off destination in the 13cabs app, our pricing tools plots the fastest route calculated by Google Maps from point A to B. The price is then calculated using a number of factors, including predicted trip time and distance, traffic conditions, state government fees, levies, and tolls.

With Price Guarantee, Passengers can sit back and relax without having to check the meter, along with price certainty when comparing prices when making travel decisions. Price Guarantee is only available when booking with the 13cabs app or booking online at book.13cabs.com.au in selected locations.

13cabs Parcel Service

If you have something you need to get somewhere fast, jump on the website or tap ‘Delivery’ in your 13cabs app and follow the prompts. Just let the seller know you’ll be sending a 13cabs driver to pick it up, then jump on the 13cabs website or your 13cabs app. Enter the seller’s pick up address and your address as the destination.

If it fits inside a 13cabs vehicle – a large sedan SUV or a MAXI TAXI – 13cabs will deliver it door to door. Drivers will not pick up any illegal items or dangerous goods. This includes, but not limited to fireworks, stolen goods, drugs, weapons, explosives, fuel and hazardous material.

Items that cannot be secured properly inside the cab by the Driver and items that aren’t flat packed. Please note, 13cabs Drivers do not carry tie down straps for securing large or bulky items. If you’re in a metropolitan area, a 13cabs specialist delivery driver will usually be there to pick up your item within 10 minutes.

With 13cabs, you can get it there for the price of a cab fare. We don’t charge extra for priority packages and unlike ride sharers, our prices never surge, no matter what time of the day or night you book, or how busy it is. Better still, when you use the 13cabs app, your delivery comes with a price guarantee. The price you see when you book is the price you pay.

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