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Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa health care service is a trusted company and helps people around the world on customers health and Insurance. From Health insurance to car insurance, Bupa provides insurance and care. If you are confused what insurance option or cover you need, you only need to connect with Bupa assistant.

You can join and get Insurance quote from Bupa website and they will ask you similar questions given below, to find available cover for you and family,

  1. Your residency status?
  2. Type of health insurance do you need?
  3. Date of birth?
  4. Australian state do you live in?
  5. Your household income?
  6. Type of health insurance (type of cover) are you looking for?
  7. Your contact details?

Medicare and Private Healthcare System

While choosing Australian healthcare system, you must be aware of public health system – Medicare administered by the Australian Government and private health care system.

The Bupa gives option to make use of Reciprocal Medicare when you are visiting or working in Australia. The countries including Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Finland, Malta, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Sweden etc are part of Australia’s Reciprocal Medicare.

If your country is not having Medicare agreement with Australia, It is wise to take a private health cover. The health insurance is also a mandatory visa requirement for reaching Australia.

Schemes and Information on Medicare

The Government of Australia sets a list of fees on medical services such as specialist consultation, procedures and tests. It is called by Medicare Benefits Schedule fees and it determines the benefits you can avail from Medicare.

Another Scheme provided by Australian government is Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme PBS, which provide finance towards the cost of medicines.

Individual healthcare identifier (IHI) number is very useful for healthcare providers to match the health records and provide the care at the earliest. The IHI number holds information such as full name, date of birth, gender, aliases, and address.

If you already having Insurance coverage from another insurer and interested to move to Bupa, you need to arrange clearance certificate from previous insurance fund by canceling the old cover.

Bupa Life Rewards Program

Life Rewards is a rewards and savings program from Bupa for their health insurance members. It provides offers, exclusive rewards, discounted eGift Cards, dining discounts etc for their customers.

The Life Rewards are available for members who’s age older than 15 years and each person needs a separate account to access the rewards account. The Bupa Plus is added with Life Rewards for more discount offers and benefits.

myBupa Portal for Members

MyBupa is member’s portal to access the Bupa Health and Insurance service online. The Bupa App available in Android and iPhone lets you add the Bupa membership card to your device. This lets you manage payments, lodge claims and access your membership digitally.

The insurance can be claimed and make payments easily using myBupa app. It also helps you to find nearest local healthcare providers, hospitals and bupa center.

Bupa Health Coaching Program

The Bupa Health Coaching Program mainly focus on your health care by providing effective advises and information based on your health condition.

You can get health expert’s advise, technique and support to manage your health a better way. These programs can only be taken as advice and is not a medical advice or professional endorsement.

You can connect with Bupa customer service on 134135 from Australia and on +61 394876400 from outside Australia.

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