SBI Yono App for Bill Payments and Money Transfer

State Bank of India’s (SBI) YONO (You Only Need One) is an automated banking platform that allows users to access a range of economic and other facilities such as flight, rail, bus, and taxi tickets, online shopping, and medical bill payments. YONO is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

YONO offers shopping online, ticketing, taxi booking, rail ticket, cinema ticket, online education, and unique discounts at retail stores of over 100 e-commerce companies.

SBI, India’s largest bank, makes a cash withdrawal possible from ATMs even without a debit card. It means cardless withdrawal of money becomes feasible due to Yono App. The app can be downloaded from the play store or sbi website and is accessible through the SBI website.

Yono app is used in the absence of cash when someone does not have a card. Your financial and banking needs are met with the YONO SBI App. The YONO SBI App digitally conveys all of your daily needs from the convenience of your own home.

Features of the SBI Yono App

  • Unified App for Banking and Lifestyle Expense Transfers via UPI.
  • Instant Account Opening is one of the main features and functionality of the SBI YONO App.
  • Complete all transactions without using paper.
  • Spending wisely – a cost-benefit analysis
  • Personal loan with pre-approval on the go
  • Anyone can obtain amazing discount offers and exclusive bargains.
  • All financial goods can be purchased using a single app.
  • With just four clicks, you may transfer cash.
  • Get an overdraft against a set deposit.
  • Make use of an intelligent spend analyzer.

You can access lots of services in one place. You can check your account balance for free at any time. If you want to transfer funds from bank to bank, the limit is 10,000. Transfers of funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

BHIM UPI (about Rs 1 lakh a day QR Code/UPI ID). You can track loan availability of personal, home, or vehicle loans by requesting new credit cards and activating/ blocking debit cards.

Yono Account Creation

New and existing customers/clients must finish the app’s registration first to use the State bank of India mobile banking service. It involves a combination of both internet banking and mobile banking. The customer will use both internet banking and the Yono SBI app with the same user id and password.

New user registration,

An option is available on SBI Yono App, “New User Registration.” Customers need three things to register the account

● Linked Mobile number.
● State bank debit card.
● SBI bank account passbook.

Existing user registration,

Firstly, install the SBI Yono application on your Android or iOS device.
Open the app and select an existing user; now click on the SBI Yono net banking login. Confirm the option of having a net banking ID. Now, enter the username password, and then click on submit. Set MPIN and hit the checkbox, and move next. On the next screen, add a six-digit mpin. The OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number; enter that OTP and tap “yes.”

SBI YONO account has now been successfully registered. To log in to SBI YONO, type Mpin, which you created during registration. It is a one-stop-shop for all of your banking needs. Installing and activating SBI YONO allows you to handle your banking on the go.

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