Activate on TV Device to Stream Local Programs

Locast Local TV

Locast is a streaming service to watch local broadcast Television stations. It provides more than 65 channels which you can streamed using Internet. The local broadcast streams are available only in local market boundary.

The Programs from Locast includes News channels, Sports channels, Movie and TV Show channels etc. The Locast service is free to use and you can save money by avoiding TV packages and Cable subscriptions.

Features of Locast TV Channel Streaming

The Locast TV guide shows the program schedule and upcoming programs. The Locast also provide Closed Captioning service which helps hearing-impaired people. It can be enabled by clicking the CC icon in the bottom left of the streaming window. In mobile device, you can open settings to enable or disable Closed Captioning.

The Locast service access your location information to determine your Designated Market Area. It will check the eligibility of streaming using the Geo location. You cannot stream a local channel outside of your DMA region.

You can use Locast TV upto Four devices simultaneously. There is also limits on Max Streams and Rate Limit which will give errors on Locast. It will be automatically resolved or you can logout and login to stream again. If your have problem in allowing the location in web browser, you can try clearing the cache and cookies.

If you are using the Locast App, you can try log out from the account and re-login. Also check whether the installed application is up to date.

Stream without Interruptions by Donating

The Locast free version includes advertisements which you can removed by subscribing the package. There will be donation request in every 15 minutes during the video play. There is only $5 per month for using the Locast without any other interruptions while streaming.

You can use Locast from their website or using the application which is available for Android mobile and TV, Apple device, Roku, Fire TV, TiVo, DirectTV etc. You need to register on Locast using your E-mail address for using the Locast service. You can then start using the Locast account by verifying the e-mail received.

If you already having an account in Locast earlier which is signed up using Facebook, you need to create a new account because the Facebook login option is removed from Locast.

If you having an donation subscription on old account, you can submit a support ticket to Locast customer care for moving the subscription package from old account to newly created Locast account.

Activate App on TV Streaming Device

If you are having account in Locast, you can easily activate your account on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV or Android TV. You need to follow the below steps to activate without any activation troubles.

  • Connect Locast signed in Device and TV in the same Network.
  • Open Locast website from signed in device.
  • Click on Activate to get the activation code.
  • Open the Activation screen on TV device.
  • Enter the Activation code and submit.

After entering the activation code on TV device, the TV screen will refreshed to display the Locast Live TV Guide. You can then access your Locast account on TV device and start streaming the channels.

The Locast does not offer record function which is a drawback for people who want to record and watch program on another time.

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