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Do you know it is very easy to use all your need services like Fiber Internet, Wireless Network, Satellite TV, Prepaid etc can be managed on ATT account. You can choose the best deals and pay the bills on time without any worries.

It is also possible to pay bills on AT&T website without having a myATT account. But for a signed up user can easily track all the details and previous usage & bills in a single space.

AT&T Wireless

The AT&T Wireless plans now comes with 5G for faster network speed along with unlimited plans of your choice. The unlimited plan includes unlimited talk time, message and high speed data. For any plan you choose, you can use AT&T Active Armor mobile security on your phone for free. It can block fraud calls and secure you from risky Wi-Fi connections.

The Identity Monitoring, Safe Browsing and Reverse Number Lookup etc are also included with Active Armor App. The upgrade option provides you features like VPN, Threat Activity Dashboard, ID Monitoring, Advanced Content Controls. By using this single application, your personal information will not be accessed by one another and you will be always spam protected.

Setup Voicemail on AT&T

  • Open Phone Dial and press and hold “1”.
  • Watch for the prompts and choose the right options.
  • Create password for Voicemail and provide the Greetings.

You can also use the Visual Voicemail which helps you to listen voicemail messages. You can easily choose voicemails and make callbacks from the same screen itself. You need to install AT&T visual voicemail app to use this service.

ATT 99 Prepaid Plan

The ATT 99 plan is a popular plan which costs only $99 for 3 months (90 days). You will get unlimited calls(between U.S, Mexico & Canada), text and 8 GB of high speed data credited on each month.

When your monthly high speed data expires, the maximum internet speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps until current moth ending. But if you still need high speed data, you can recharge data add-on which gives additional data to the plan.

If you login to ATT account, you can easily see the wireless service plan and add-on details in a single place. The deals & discounts section will show exclusive offers available.

Through AT&T account whether it is your personal, home or Business needs, it provides every details and gives the support online.

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