Lowest Fares and Safest Journey with BlaBlaCar Travel Network

BlaBlaCar is a leading travel network where you can book ride from anywhere. It offers low cost with experienced drivers for safe journey. If you are new to BlaBlaCar, you need to create an account and upload your profile picture and get your identity verified.

To get details for a ride, you only need to provide the location for pickup, drop-off and time for the pickup. It will then show your the best riding options available. If you chooses a ride option, you can see the details of the Ride along with the driver details. It is also possible to chat with the driver to discuss the details about the Riding you are looking for.

How BlaBlaCar help you with your Journey

There are two ways you can book a Ride. You can instantly book for Ride or you can sent a riding request to the driver. In Instant option, your booking will be instantly confirmed and the driver will pick you within the time given at the order confirmation. If you given a riding request, the driver needs to accept the request to confirm the Ride. Based on your departure time, the driver can accept the booking request within 12 hours.

If there are no riding options available, you can set up a ride alert which will notify you whenever a ride option becomes available. You will be informed through email and SMS along with driver details whenever the driver accepts the request. If you are looking for an early confirmation on the ride, you can set the maximum amount of time for approval waiting.

If you are in a hurry and needs the Ride urgent, you can filter the search to include only for the Instant Approval Rides. This will help you save time and confirm the booking in a minimal time.

For your safety it is important to chat with the driver through BlaBlaCar messaging platform. If the driver contacted you through any other platform, you can report it to BlaBlaCar from the driver’s profile.

In BlaBlaCar, there is an option called Ladies Only, where the driver and passengers are all women. You can check the rating and other information before the ride to have the best driving experience.

How to find and send a booking request on BlaBlaCar,

  • Search for the Ride by providing destination and pickup locations.
  • Choose the Ride from search results.
  • If Instant Approval option available, you can continue for booking.
  • Check booking details and confirm the booking.

Different Publications on BlaBlaCar

There are different publications on BlaBlaCar Ride pages. These are labels you can see on the Ride pages which shows different information.

The “2 max in the back” is a blue label which says there are only maximum of 2 passengers allowed in the back seat. This gives passenger more comfort along with other standards including Large luggage in the boot and reasonable legroom for the passengers.

The “Lighting bolt” icon is the icon used to indicate Rides which are available for booking Instantly.

Other labels include depending on your departure and arrival locations. A Person icon inside a green circle indicates that the ride is available within a walking distance from you. A Person icon inside a orange circle indicates that the ride is leaving from/going to somewhere that’s not too far from your departure or arrival location. A Person icon inside a red circle indicates that the ride is far away from your departure or arrival location.

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