Espark Upgrade Education to Next level Digital Learning

eSpark Learning

Technology is getting developed day by day. The world is getting digitized everywhere. Technology has influenced Education by getting digitized and paved the way for better opportunities.

Things become more ideal, interesting and focused for education solution with Espark technology. Espark integrated adaptive learning program for kids.

It provides kids of grades K-5 differentiate instructions for reading and math in a way kids can enjoy. It’s a unique way of learning into an engaging one.

Espark Engaging Activities for Kids

Through Engaging videos, fun games, activities and through thinking assessments, Espark make a spark of love on kids learning.

Espark personalize the learning needs of each students and as per the needs they give directions to each students to improve their learning and reading skills.

Espark is also a platform for kids to practice new skills. Through personalized and advanced way of learning, Espark monitors each student activities and give them feedback to improve their learning skills.

Espark works on devices like iPad, Chromebook, laptops and desktop with an internet connection. Students can also assess Espark while they are at home.

Students can log into Espark and work upon their skills for about 20 to 30 minutes daily to learn and master their skills. Parents will get email notifications and suggestions on making Espark more engaging at home.

It gives every students a pre-test on each skills. If they pass the test they could directly move to the next skill. Then they will be provided with the videos and other resources to improve the learning.

Once qualified, they have to prepare a video on what they have learned thereby improving their vocabulary.

How Espark connects Teacher and Students

Through individualized learning, teacher get control over all aspects of learning and can focus on each student. Teachers can divide whole students into small groups and give them assessments.

Students can also work at their own level being challenged and engaging at the same time.

Teachers can access Espark dashboard to check the insights of each student and can monitor them. Weekly reports can be received by teachers on the progress of small groups and the suggestions via e-mail. More features of Espark,

  • Videos and Activities – Include videos, activities, games, eBooks, animations etc.
  • Framing video – Gives an overview about the topic.
  • Pre-Quiz – If students passes the quiz they will directly move to the next skill.
  • Interactive Questions – Fill in the blanks, drag and drop questions.
  • Post Quiz – Analyses the progress of the student learning.
  • Creative Challenge – Student record a video on what they have learned on their device and can upload to teacher’s dashboard. Teachers can assess the video and can provide instructions and suggestions.

Teachers can monitor and track while student takes their tests and can assist them if they need help. Other than tracking, Espark can generate reports on the performance of the students and can get suggestions for who needs assistance. Reports can be generated by individual level and classroom level.

Administrators can make their classrooms advanced by signing up an Espark account and purchasing a plan. A limited number of teachers in the school can access the Espark trial.

If your child is already using Espark at school, then you can directly contact Espark for the access. Espark is definitely the best option if you wish to upgrade the learning to the next level of digital learning.

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