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HotDoc provides a secure platform to enable medical practitioners to communicate with their patients. HotDoc wotk with your medical practitioner to find easier and more accessible ways for you to book and manage your appointments.

HotDoc is a free service that allows you to do a variety of the following,

  • Make Online Bookings for yourself and your family with your preferred practitioner.
  • Manage upcoming appointments that have been booked with your HotDoc account.
  • Be reminded by SMS or In App Push Notification about upcoming appointments booked either with HotDoc account or the clinic’s reception.
  • Be reminded for recall reasons to visit your clinic.
  • Be notified about clinic information.
  • Check into your Appointment via a HotDoc Kiosk or in app.
  • Fill in patient information for your clinic via a digital form.

To sign up for a HotDoc account and book an appointment with your clinic, please review this article How to create a HotDoc account for more information.

Some appointments may require you to book an appointment with a Nurse and a Doctor in tandem.

As it stands, booking multiple appointments for the same clinic on the same day may not be available for your clinic.

If you need to make a tandem booking, please contact your medical clinic directly via phone so they can assist with booking a tandem appointment type. You can find your clinics contact number at the top of their HotDoc booking page.

The appointment types you see when booking online are chosen and configured by the clinic.

Most clinics will offer a ‘standard appointment’ type which may be appropriate for most issues, but sometimes they may also offer more specialised appointments for their patients to select from.

You will be asked to select an appointment type option when booking with your chosen practitioner.

The appointment types are set by the clinic, please contact your preferred clinic via phone to request any appointment type you are unable to choose online. You can find your clinic’s contact number at the top of their HotDoc booking page.

If you are making a booking for an issue that may require more time than a standard consultation, and a longer appointment option is not shown online, you may also need to contact your clinic via phone to request this.

If you are not able to locate your preferred clinic or provider to request an appointment, it may indicate that your clinic does not currently use HotDoc for online bookings, or may have chosen to keep your usual practitioner for phone bookings only instead.

You can contact your preferred Clinic directly via phone to book or check back on our booking page soon to see if they have added HotDoc as their preferred online booking provider.

Available appointments for a practitioner will generally show on the online booking page up to three months in advance from the current date. Please note, this is dependent on practitioner availability as well as any custom settings placed on the practitioner or the appointment type, by the clinic.

If a HotDoc account holder wishes to reschedule to an alternative time on the same day at the same clinic, they are required to first cancel the initial booking before making another time on that day. See How do I cancel or reschedule a HotDoc booked appointment?

If you are unable to find a new appointment time that suits you, please call the clinic directly to enquire further.

You may wish to reschedule if you have booked the appointment under the wrong name, for the wrong time, with the wrong practitioner or with an incorrect appointment reason.

If you would like to make changes to your booking after it’s been confirmed, you will need to:

  1. Cancel your existing appointment online, or by contacting the clinic directly if you are unable to cancel this online.
  2. Reschedule it by booking a new appointment. See How do I cancel or reschedule a HotDoc booked appointment? for further information.

There are a number of reasons why your preferred practitioner might not be accepting online bookings:

Some clinics may choose to only show a selection of their practitioners on their HotDoc booking site.

Some practitioners may not accept online bookings or prefer that patients book over the phone or in-person only.

Your clinic may be experiencing some technical issues, and are therefore unable to accept online appointments
If you have checked your clinic’s booking page and are unable to find your usual practitioner, we suggest consulting your clinic directly via phone to book your appointment, and to query why the practitioner is not available online at this time.

You can find your clinic’s contact details on their HotDoc bookings page by searching for them via our HotDoc Booking Page.

If you have received an email from HotDoc confirming an appointment made directly with your clinic, this has been sent to you on behalf of your clinic who uses our services.

These emails are automatically sent as a courtesy for any appointment at the clinic regardless of whether it was booked using HotDoc or directly at the clinic. The purpose of these emails are to Confirm your booking and Provide any additional information such as access to a digital New Patient Registration form.

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