Boost Collaboration and Communication with Kids using Google Classroom

Google ClassRoom Managment

Classroom is a place where children can learn lot of things. They can think of their future and decide their goals accordingly and try hard to achieve them.

School classrooms were the place where children used to have fun, learn things and create memories. But in 21st century digital world, we have new sources to learn new things and make our children to become more progressive.

Google Classroom is a free web service, developed by Google for schools which aims to create and simplify the grading assignment. The primary objective of digital classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between Teachers and Students.

Google Classroom Benefits and Working

Google Classroom provides teachers to create private code for students to join the class. Each class creates a separate folder in google drive where the students can submit their work.

Teachers can then monitor each student’s progress. Teacher have the option to attach files where students can view, edit or get individual copy. Students can create files and then attach them to the assignment if a copy of a file wasn’t created by the teacher.

The main advantage of Google Classroom is that each student can learn a set of technological skills which helps them to face any challenge.

It combines google drive for assignment creation and writing. It also uses Gmail for communication and Google Calendar for managing class schedules.

In earlier, many students didn’t get chance or experience with the online education. Even if they receive they become confused to how to use the platform and cannot use the functions more efficiently.

But when we give this online education at a young age, they can easily understand and pass any challenges.

Features of Google Classroom

  • Easy Access to Study Materials – Students can easily access to their study materials, no matter where the student is sitting. There is no need to maintain long worksheets and notebooks anymore. Students who are absent can easily access the classroom material from home itself. This application is a time saver to both the teacher and students.
  • Differentiation – Google classroom is a great tool for differentiation. If you are working on a concept which can be done in two ways, then you can create two different units for easy understanding. It is possible to easily delete and recreate classes.
  • Less Paper Use – Google classroom is a paperless platform. As students have access to internet, all classrooms can he handled online. This means no copies , no paper and less expense for education system.
  • No Lost of work – Every work done online can be accessed for the respective students in an organized way. It can be accessed at any time and no worries of losing the works done. It a free suit of tools that include emails, documents and have enough storage.
  • Engagement – Google classroom can help students become and stay engaged in their learning process. It saves lot of time, energy, and can help students for better future.
  • Communication – The teachers and students can send emails, perform private chats, comment on assignments and provide feedback on the given work. Teachers have full control over students comments and posts. The teachers can also communicate with parents through individual emails or through classroom email.

High technology and understandable inter mediator enable teachers to work much easier. So that they get more concentration on their work and can solve their minor problems.

Google Classroom is designed collaboratively with teachers to help them save time, keep classes organized and improve communication with their students. It also reduces the overall budget consumption for further improvement on learning process.

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