Safe and Secure Video and Voice Calls through Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo is a free application offered by Google to make Video and Voice calls simple and convenient from any device. It have very simple user interface and can initiate the call very fast.

It gives importance to privacy and provides end-to-end encryption for every calls and messages. The Google Duo can be used in different devices and the phone contacts can be sync across these devices. If you delete any messages, it will also removed from all devices.

Features of Google Duo

Google Duo simplify the Video chat experience in a simple interface, one-to-one video messaging, and a variety of other helpful features. Below mentioned some features of Google Duo,

  • Easy To Use – Join with your phone number, and you’ll have the option to contact the individuals in the contacts list.
  • Knock Knock – Google Duo offers a remarkable component called Knock Knock, which lets you see the live video of your guest before you answer the call. The other person can disable this feature under the ‘Settings’ menu within the application.
  • Superior Video Quality – Google Duo calls stream at 720p top quality video quality, compacted for low-bandwidth phones utilizing a mix of open-source and exclusive standards.
  • Group Calling – The Group call helps you to connect with all your friends at once. You can add upto 32 participants in a single group call.
  • Low Light Mode – Increases the apparent to the person on the other end of a video call if you are in poor-lit surroundings.
  • End-to-end Encryption – Calls are encrypted and can only seen by you and the person you connect.

It is possible to use other apps during the Duo Video call. In supported devices, you can continue the call in a small window with picture-in-picture and in unsupported devices, you can only hear the audio.

The important moments during the call can be captured easily with a single tap on Duo. For this, you need to turned on Duo moments from the Call settings.

The Pixel 4 and Samsung S21 devices can enjoy special features like Auto-framing and Portrait modes. The Auto-framing will centralize you in the video and the Portrait mode helps to blur the video background.

Use Google Duo from different Devices

The Duo App is available in cross platform which helps everyone to enjoy sharing live videos from any device. It works with Android phones, iPhones, tablets, computers and smart displays.

The Android TV with Android 8.0 and above version can use Duo Application. To receive a call, the Duo App must be open in Android TV.

You can connect camera and microphone into your Android TV device using USB, if your TV does not included with those hardware. It is not possible to use Duo, if you are using Chromecast on a non-Android TV.

It is big problem during video call with Kids as they may tap on mute or hang buttons by mistake. The Family mode feature comes with a solution for this and avoid accidental clicks by hiding those buttons. It is also possible to add different masks and filters to personalize the live video.

The AR effects can change effects based on your facial expression. So, from all these features we can easily say, Google Duo is the ultimate app for Video and Voice calls to connect with our Loved ones!

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