Waze makes Anywhere Navigation Simple and Easy

Waze Navigation App

Waze Navigation App shows the way to destination in simpler way. It includes more details of traffic and location properties.

Waze works by information given by drivers and other riders around the location. It shows relevant and informative details of a place and can easily understandable for newbies coming from different location.

By knowing the surroundings and traffic details of a location before travel, we can make our travel easier. You can save time, along with the fuel consumption by avoiding long traffics and using shortcuts.

Features of Waze Navigation Assistant

Waze provides real time notification which helps anyone regardless of whether he is a regular traveler or newbie on that place. The real time notification includes construction works, Police checking, Accidents and other hazards on the go.

By showing these details, Waze will also provide suggestions on route change and make the travel much more comfortable.

The usage of Waze also gives entertainment as it provides music on the go. It will deliver directions by adjusting the music and give safe driving on the road. The Waze App is available from Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

Waze adds more useful services on each update. It can show the cheapest Gas filling station which will save extra money for everyone. If your vehicle is powered with Android Auto, you can use the Waze application on your vehicle display itself.

The Waze drive history will show your previews navigations which includes date, start point and end point. You can see list of nearby parking lots and garages.

If you select one, it will show the navigation towards the parking. It is also possible to share your drive, location and estimated time of arrival to your friends through Waze.

Waze Navigation through Voice Commands

It is possible to Navigate and report Waze using Voice commands. If you are using Apple device, you can use Siri for Voice commands. For Android device, you can use Google Assistant.

By using Siri, you can navigate with Waze and make changes in Waze settings. You can add home and work destinations to the favorites and create Siri shortcuts.

After setting up the shortcuts, give commands to Siri to open the Navigation. These shortcuts can also used for Apple Carplay.

For Navigation of Waze through Google Assistant, we need to first turn on Google Assistant from android settings. You can ask for help or give navigation commands for making Waze actions. You can also report different hazards and other traffic details to Waze which is useful for other riders on the way.

The Waze navigation can be personalized with your own voice by setting voice recording. For each direction type, you can give your own voice record as direction. Make sure you give clear and right navigation commands, because it is possible to use your vehicle by other person in an urgent situation.

You can select different voice options to enable or disable the announcement of Street names. You can do this from the ‘Voice and Sound’ settings.

There are three options you can set for the sound. Select sound ON for getting navigation guidance along with other alerts. The ‘Alerts only’ option will not provide navigation guidance, where Sound Off will mute all the sound.

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