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Gumtree has buyers and sellers right in your own community. Trade affordable furniture and preowned games, or find the right buyer for a used car, van or truck. The item you’ve been looking for could be just a few streets away!

Over 14 million people each month use Gumtree to browse, buy and sell items in their local community by posting ads and searching locally for deals from a range of different preowned items. Find toys, used cars for sale and furniture for home & garden.

Gumtree makes it easier than ever to buy second hand with confidence. From local affordable used cars, vans, car parts & auto accessories, we’re here to connect you with your local community and all the opportunities to buy cars and sell used vehicles.

Find all kinds of preowned items fit for the holiday season on Gumtree. Furniture for home or garden to suit end of year refresh, or home workout equipment like treadmills, dumbbells and weights so you can stay fit while enjoying seasonal treats. Gumtree even has preowned games consoles, like the PS4 or Xbox to keep the family entertained.

For those who are buying or selling, we are advising you to share as many pictures and as much information as possible about the items you are trading. Make sure you exchange plenty of questions and answers. When an item needs to be sent, you should check out our delivery partners Parcel2Go. And when it comes to transferring money, we recommend using a trusted online payment platform that offers payment protection.

Before you create your ad, make sure you have signed in to your Gumtree account by clicking Login/Register and entering your account information. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register an account in a few minutes before posting.

How to post an Ad on Gumtree

  • Click the Post an Ad button at the top of the Gumtree page.
  • Type in the name of what you’re selling so we can suggest a category.
  • Select from the categories shown or click Or browse to find a category. If browsing, continue to select from the subcategories until the Continue button appears.
  • Enter your post code, then click GO. If you’d rather select from a list of cities, click Select your location instead and choose your city. When you have your location set, click Continue.
  • Under the Ad Title section, click into the box and type in a descriptive title.
  • Add pictures to your ad by clicking Add Images and selecting the files from your computer. If you’re having trouble, follow the troubleshooting steps in our I Can’t Add Photos article.
  • Click into the box in the Description section and type in information about your ad. Be as detailed as possible. If you’re not sure what information you should add, think about what you would want to know if you were the buyer.
  • Enter the price using numbers only. The pound symbol and punctuation will be added automatically when you post your ad.
  • If you have a website that you’d like to include, click the box under Website Link and then enter the URL. We ask for a small charge to apply the URL to your ad. For more information, read our URL Feature article.
  • Choose your feature options. Features are ways to promote your ad and get more views. If you don’t want to promote your ad, you can skip this section.
  • Choose your contact method. It defaults to the email linked to your account, but you can choose phone only by selecting phone and then deselecting email.
  • Double check your ad details. When you’re ready, click Post My Ad.

Ads may take some time to go live to the site. If your ad isn’t visible right away, please be patient. We’ll send you an email to let you know when your ad goes live to the site. You can also check the status of your ad in the Manage My Ads section.

As a seller, you will want to agree on a price for your item, including the cost of delivery. You can get a quote directly from Parcel2Go: Remember you will need to know the size and weight of the item, and need to select a ‘collection service’.

Once a price is agreed, simply complete the relevant steps on the Parcel2Go website. You will need to enter the weight and size of the item, and the collection and delivery addresses. You may also be required to print a label at home. If you do not have a printer, then you can choose a delivery option that does not require a label, or request the driver brings the label to you. Complete the booking by entering your payment details.

Once you have completed the booking, you will receive a delivery confirmation email. You should take a screenshot of this email and send it to the buyer, as proof of postage.

As a buyer, you will need to arrange with the seller the cost of delivery, and an appropriate delivery time. You can get a quote direct from Parcel2Go –

Once you have agreed the total cost (for item and delivery), and a delivery time, you should request a screenshot of the delivery confirmation message sent to the seller, as proof of postage. You can then make payment to the seller. We recommend you use an established electronic payment service who can offer you payment protection on your items.

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