Use Honey Shopping Assistant to Save Money on Shopping

Honey Shopping Assistant

Honey Shopping Assistant is a shopping assistant in form of mobile app and browser extension that helps you in saving money and time on Shopping. It includes all your favorite shops and brings best deals in one place.

Honey assists you during your purchase by automatically check coupons and find best deal available from different shopping websites. Honey Shopping App is available for Android and iOS devices.

The Honey browser extension can be added on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari etc.

How Honey Shopping Assist Works

Honey Shopping Assistant works by checking items on your shopping website cart and finds you best available Coupon Codes. If it detects any working code, it will be automatically applied. It helps you to save time without the hard work of manually searching of coupons and codes.

There is no registration required to get honey coupons. But if your register, you will get extra Cashback from Honey. So create a Honey account before going to purchase.

After extension/add-on installation, you can build a Honey account using your E-mail, Gmail, Twitter, or PayPal account. If you are using computer, make sure the extension is installed and enabled on your browser. Steps to use Honey shopping assistant,

  1. Go to Shopping site and select the item to Buy.
  2. Open check out your cart.
  3. From check out page, click on Honey extension.
  4. Click on Apply Coupons.
  5. The Coupon will be applied, if available.
  6. You can then complete the Purchase.

If you have future purchases, you can save more money by using the Droplist feature. It’s a wonderful tool that keeps you updated with the products you are planning to buy and notify when the price drop.

You can set a desired amount or percentage and watch-time to get alerts on prices reaching below the desired price during the time set. All the items you added to droplist can be seen from Honey droplist.

Another feature of Honey is Following a Store which helps to receive updates and real time information from your favorite shops. By using this, you can get product recommendations, exclusive deals and have a personalized shopping experience.

Honey Gold Program for Winning Gold

Honey Gold is a rewards program to win Gold on your eligible purchases. You can see whether the Honey Gold is available on the shopping site by checking the Honey extension. You need to activate the Gold rewards and can continue the shopping as usual. There are more than 5,000+ participating stores in this rewards program.

The rewarding Gold is the subtotal of eligible items. It does not include tax, shipping and additional fees. There will be exclusions on Honey Gold for some items. You can check the details with the merchant regarding the Gold program before purchase.

Another way to getting Honey gold is by referring friends. You can share honey referral link to earn 500 Honey Gold.

Honey Gold also offers extra rewards for exclusive offer products. These exclusive offers can be seen from Honey account overview or through pop up showing on selected product pages.

It is also possible to redeem the Gold for Gift card from different merchants. You can open Honey gold and select redeem to see available balance and merchants to redeem.

The Honey Gold will not expire as long as you stay active. That is, you need to earn at least 10 honey gold in a year. The Honey Gold can also given to charity by using CharityChoice from Gold redemption options.

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