Manage Schedules and Organize Tasks using HotSchedules


HotSchedules is the industry’s leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team.

Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes.

Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture.

It helps optimize time and labor costs while improving communication by streamlining staff scheduling processes. By optimizing labor-management practices, businesses can ensure compliance with current legislation and boost the overall employee experience.

HotSchedules provides a simple solution for scheduling and workforce management to restaurant and hospitality businesses. It’s efficient scheduling management, along with a strong staff communication facility, is lauded by its users. Similarly, the ease of requesting and approving time-off requests and ability to swap shifts makes it a preferred choice for both admins and employees.

However, a lot of users suggest that its overwhelming features and a paid mobile app can be off-putting. Moreover, a clunky interface and slow, glitchy data processing need improvement.

A brand new employee will need their initial username and password to log into HotSchedules and set up their account. Managers can provide this by printing their welcome sheet or sending an email invite from the Staff tab. Simply check the box beside the employee name(s) and select the Welcome Sheet button. See this article for step by step instructions.

To set up your HotSchedules account, you will be provided with either a Welcome Email or a Welcome Sheet by your manager. The Welcome Sheet will contain your initial username and password – which will be a string of numbers.

The Messaging tab makes it easy for you to communicate with coworkers within HotSchedules. It works like any online email tool, so this tab gives users the ability to send messages to individual people as well as entire schedule groups (everyone on the server schedule for example).

Navigate to the Messaging tab in your HotSchedules account to check out your Inbox! This will display any messages sent to you (including system messages about your schedule).

Broadcast messages are a great way to post announcements to their entire staff on HotSchedules! These messages appear on the My Schedules page under the Home tab, so users will see it when viewing their personal schedule upon logging in. They also appear on the mobile apps.

WebClock is an additional Time & Attendance option offered by HotSchedules that gives users the ability to keep track of their employee timecards without being integrated. Along with that, thresholds can be set up for job codes to help regulate when employees are able to clock in and clock out.

Once WebClock has been launched, users will be asked to clock in with either their HotSchedules UN and PW or the POS ID that has been assigned to them on the site.

The URL for WebClock is This is where you will go to launch the WebClock interface. Only users with the WebClock Administration permission will be able to launch WebClock, however.

Clients that use WebClock will have access two different punch notifications they can enable for their account.

The first one will be Late Punches. This push notification can be used to alert managers when an employee fails to clock in or out 15 minutes past their scheduled time. You can enable this push notification from the settings menu of your mobile application.

The other will be Meal/Break Notifications. This push notification will alert managers if an employee has not clocked out for a meal or break 15 minutes after they have become eligible. You can learn more about meals and breaks here.

The Shift Rating report will allow managers to view data collected from employees rating their shift. This data will help managers understand how employees are feeling about their shifts and how can they use it to improve employee morale, retention, and engagement.

The Home Page will have an Employee Satisfaction widget where you can see the ratings and if you select each rating you can see the reason type selected by the employees. The data displaying in the widget will be from the weeks selected on the date picker from My Schedule.

With the necessary permissions, employees have the ability to edit their availability and then submit their changes for manager approval. As a manager, approving a new availability is simple. This article will walk you through that process.

The Task modal will display an EMPLOYEES WITH AN AVAILABILITY CHANGE line when there is a new availability submission. You’re also able to navigate to the AVAILABILITY APPROVAL page by hovering over the Home tab. Employees waiting for an approval will appear on the left, and the selected employee’s request will appear on the right. To view the employee’s current availability, simply expand the card by clicking anywhere on the line.

When reviewing the submitted availability, you’re able to compare what is being requested with what is current. Requested availability will be in blue and the current availability will be shaded. To approve or deny, simply select the corresponding buttons.

Once approved, the employee will still be listed so you can view his/her current availability along with what the availability will be on the new Effective date. If you decide to deny a submission, you will need to provide the employee a reason.

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