Junio Pocket Money Smart Card for Kids

Junio is a Pocket money smart card which can be given to children where they can use it for online and offline payments. Junio card helps children to learn how to spend wisely and save money. The Kids between 13 to 18 age can use Junio card and the Parents can manage the card through Junio application.

The main advantage of Junio is the child do not need to have a Bank account to use Junio card. The money can be added from the Parent’s Bank account and used by the children.

How to use Junio Debit MasterCard for Online and Offline Payments

The Junio card can be used in two ways – Online or Offline Usage. For online usage, there is no need for physical Junio card. You can use the digital debit card for online payments available from Junio App.

For Offline usage, you can request for Junio physical debit card where you need to pay a onetime charge of Rs.99/-. Apart from this charge, there is no other additional charges from Junio.

Junio card for child can be easily ordered online from Parent’s Junio account. From the Junio App home screen, select Add child option and enter the children’s details. You can then add the delivery address and pay the charge to order the Junio card.

You can receive the Junio card within 7 to 10 days. They will share you with the AWB number which can be used to track the shipment of the card. The Junio card can be used only for domestic transactions and given anywhere debit card payment is available. And the online payments can be done on sites where MasterCard is accepted.

You need to Swipe or use the Tap & Pay option to make the payment through Junio card. The QR code scan cannot be used on Junio for merchant payments.

Manage Junio Card using Junio Application

After receiving the physical Junio card, you can set the PIN using the application itself. This PIN is needed for offline payments. For online payments, you need to provide the card number, expiry date, CVV and OTP shared on your mobile number. To manage the Junio card and use Junio App, you need to create a 4 digit MPIN. The transactions done using Junio card can be seen from Spend section. It will show the latest transactions history.

The monthly limit for adding money on Junio card is Rs.10,000/-. The money can be added from Paytm wallet, debit card, credit card or through Net banking. For adding money from UPI, debit card and Netbanking , there is no additional charges. For Credit card and Pre-paid card load money, there is a charge fee of 2.18% and 2.35% respectively. After adding money, it can take upto 30 minutes to reflect the money on Junio account.

As Junio is not enabled with full KYC feature, the user cannot withdraw the money from ATM machines. Once this feature becomes available, you can use the existing card to withdraw money through ATM’s.

The Junio gives offers and promotions for offline and online payments. These promotions are running on particular days and changes frequently. You can find updated details regarding the promotions from their website or App.

Junio also runs a Referral program, where you can earn money by referring Junio to your friends and family. You can see your unique referral code from Referral option on Home screen. You can then share this link to anyone through social medias or messaging platform.

Once someone joins Junio through the link you shared and orders the physical card, you both will receive a scratch card added to your account. By opening this scratch card, you will get the reward cashback credited to your account. For queries and support, you can reach the Junio customer service team from Junio Help section.

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