Lidl Plus App for Rewards Card and Coupon

Lidl Plus

Lidl Plus is a loyalty application from supermarket Lidl. It gives reward points for the customers on their purchases from Lidl.

You need to be registered user to use this digital rewards card at the supermarket. Lidl App is available for Android and Apple devices.

The registration for Lidl Plus rewards card is simple. It only requires basic details like name, address, DOB, phone number, OTP etc.

Features of Lidl Plus App

  • Stay updated with weekly deals and personalized offers.
  • Redeem Discount and Free item Coupons.
  • Digital Purchase Receipt on your mobile phone.
  • Store locator – Find all the Lidl stores near your location in a Map.
  • Product Search – Check availability of product on Lidl Store.
  • Product purchase reminder for alert to buy on specified date and time.

Lidl Plus App is also available on Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Malta.

How to use Lidl Plus Card

  • Register an account on Lidl App.
  • During checkout, open the App.
  • Select Lidl Plus Card.
  • Show the QR code at the shopping counter.
  • Scan the QR code and the rewards will be added automatically.

You will also receive a digital copy of the purchase receipt after the payment. This helps you to know the rates and item details you purchased from Lidl in later time. If you prefer only digital receipts over paper receipts you can done that from Lidl Plus Card option.

Other offers from Lidl Plus

The Lidl also offers savings coupon for your purchases. You can get weekly coupons which you can collect from app itself. You also don’t need to take offer leaflets from UK Lidl Supermarkets because you can access all these details from the app itself.

There will be different coupon added to your account according to your purchases along with other personalized offers,

  • If you spent £50 in a month, you can get a free bakery item coupon on your next purchase.
  • For £100 spend in a month, £2 coupon will be added to your account.
  • Purchase for £150 in a month and get free Alesto product.
  • On £250 purchase, get 10% discount coupon for next purchase.

The coupon available on your account can be activated on Lidl Plus card and you can show the the coupon on payment counter and redeem. The coupons on Lidl will be added on every Thursday.

You can also get scratch cards on your purchases and extra discounts from Lidl partners like The Cinema Society, Readly, AA etc without any additional registration or cost.

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