Connect with other Passengers on Lyft and Travel together

Lyft Ride App

Lyft is a riding app which connects passenger with nearby drivers. It also provides grocery delivery, rental services and other travel guides etc. Lyft service is available in more than 300 cities in United States.

The Lyft ride service can be used by creating an account and request a ride. Based on your location details and instructions give by you, Lyft driver will come and pick you for the ride.

You can see the estimated time of arrival, driver photo, car picture and can track the rider from the application itself.

Different Travel options on Lyft

The Lyft have different vehicle options like Lyft, Lyft Line, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Premier. Basic Lyft include compact cars of four people sitting.

The Lyft Line is another way to save money for travelers of same direction. In this, the passengers can connect with riders who are traveling in the same direction and travel together.

There will be multiple strangers in Lyft Line. If you traveling in hurry, it’s better to avoid Lyft Line, because different travelers may get in from different places and drop offs may also alike. If you are going to show up late for the ride, you need to notify the Lyft driver.

The Lyft Plus are SUV’s or minivans that can fit at least six people. It is ideal for long run with more people. Lyft Premier provides luxury cars like BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes for your ride. It is expensive but you can enjoy the best travel experience. If you want to give tip to the driver, you can do this through your application itself.

After the ride, you can rate the driver based on your travel experience. This will help other travelers along with Lyft to provide best drivers to other travelers. Lyft offers safe ride for every passenger.

Lyft ask you about the travel during the ride if unusual activities like stooping car or increased speed etc arise. The immediate access to emergency number right from the Lyft app is also a positive feature which helps every passenger.

Schedule Lyft Ride in a Particular Date

You can plan ahead a ride on Lyft by scheduling up to 7 days ahead of time. This option is available only in selected regions where you can see Schedule option in booking window. Below are the steps for scheduling a ride on Lyft,

  • First select the destination for the ride.
  • Tap the Schedule option on the booking page.
  • Enter the pick up and drop-off locations.
  • Choose date and time for the pickup.
  • Confirm the details and complete the booking.

The Ride scheduling option is applied with Lyft’s normal cancellation policy. You can pay the travel cost by using credit card, debit card, or by PayPal. The Lyft provides you ride with cheaper price and gives more convenience than a regular taxi.

The Lyft refer is a great way to earn credits while your friends join Lyft through the referral link you share. You can earn upto $20 for a single referral. The loyalty programs from Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Chase, Mastercard and Hilton will also help you to get extra saving on every ride.

Lyft Driver – Take People to reach their Destinations

You can work as Lyft driver and earn extra money. It is needed to have a driving license, car insurance, and pass vehicle inspection along with other criteria to become a Lyft driver.

After you join as a driver, there will be tutorials where you can learn the functions of the Lyft app and things needed to know before starting as a Lyft driver.

Lyft provides Earnings Guarantees for the drivers where you can earn a preset amount of money by completing certain number of rides. If you earn less than the guaranteed amount, the less amount will get added to your earnings by Lyft.

The drivers can also give ratings for the riders based on their behavior during the ride. The Lyft community will help the driver to choose safest and non traffic roads for early arrival at the destination.

The Lyft will check every drivers with Criminal records, Driving records and do continuous Monitoring. The Safety education given to drivers will help them to understand how to behave and drive in a safest way.

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