Engage with Audience though Mewe Social Media

Mewe Social Network

Mewe is a Social Media network where you can connect with your friends and share online content. The most interesting feature of Mewe is that it does not contain any Advertisement.

You can easily connect with your friends, family and other groups of people just like Facebook and other similar social media platform. Mewe Social Media includes all the fun features you need to engage with friends without boring.

Mewe Social Media Features

Mewe Social Media gives more trustworthy because your Data will not be shared with any other third party for business and advertisement targeting. It also do not use targeting and news feed manipulations. Major features of Mewe App includes,

  • Can connect with your friends, family and followers.
  • Can create Fan and Business pages.
  • Disappearing Content Feature.
  • Cloud Storage for storing data.
  • Private contact messages and group chats.
  • Mewe Status and Journals.
  • Live voice and video calling.
  • Voice messaging functionality.
  • Content Privacy and Security control.
  • News feed for contacts and close friends.
  • MeWe Custom Camera and Dual Camera Sharing.

By using Mewe, you can share and connect with people with more importance to your Privacy. You can decide for whom all your content can be viewed by setting privacy level on your account from Privacy & Sharing page.

The Mewe App is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also use Mewe account from their website which is available in 19 languages. The MeWe Camera options include Custom Camera where you can edit unique photos, videos, memes, and GIFs. And the Dual Camera Sharing helps you to record from both front and rear cameras at the same time.

You can send disappearing contents to anyone where the photo or video you share will disappear within preset time after they open the content.

There is no Newsfeed Manipulation in MeWe which means you can see entire posts from your contacts, groups and pages you follow without showing any paid or promotional contents.

The MeWe Journals is where you can save, sort, and organize selected stories and make them visible on your profile. You can create upto 500 Journals and each one can contain upto 1,000 Stories.

Connect with Followers though your Mewe Social Media Page

The Mewe Page allows you to create page for your own creative promotions or Business use. In Mewe, the page admins can post on the page while the page followers can only respond to the post. You can connect with your followers and share contents in real time and can promote or monetize the content.

Your Mewe Profile can show the details about you and can add profile and background pictures. The Universal tagging feature in Mewe helps you to organize and save your stories for better access and sharing. Mewe sent push notifications and email notifications to give real time experience for you and your followers.

By tagging each post based on its topic or category, you can easily find them at any time. You can tag a post by adding hashtag before the word while creating a post.

Mewe gives more priority for your data and safety. You can easily block unwanted users and also report users, posts, groups and pages those violates the Mewe terms. These all make Mewe, a best place to share the contents without any worries of adverts and privacy issues.

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