MyGate helps to organize Security and Community Management

MyGate App

MyGate is an intelligent solution for Security and Community management. It eases the communication between community residents, committee members, security guards, facility managers and other people related to the community.

It keep track of people visiting the community, delivering agents and vehicles entry. This application is mainly introduced to Co-operative housing Societies, Security companies and Construction builders.

MyGate for Security Management

MyGate provides most secure way of living by ensuring community visits only to Authorized personals. The delivery executives, daily staffs and other facility providers can enter into the community by gaining access from the residents. The details of people entering to the community and who give approval will be automatically saved into MyGate.

MyGate App is a smart intermediate communication app between residents and the main gate. If the residents are expecting someone, they can let the visitor get in by notifying the guards right from the application.

The MyGate visitor management includes Staff & Delivery Management by saving attendance details along with entering and exit times. For daily workers, you can create profiles for each staff and monitor them without any extra work. There will be an Overstay alert shown to guards whenever someone stays longer than the allowed time.

MyGate’s another important feature is Kid Checkout Permission which permits the Kid go outside only on Parent’s approval. This additional layer of security is very helpful for both the Parent and child.

The e-Intercom facility in MyGate helps to communicate main gate and residents from anywhere. It is also possible to give Emergency alert to main gate during unexpected situations.

MyGate for Community Management

MyGate Community Management is a control center for the Community. It gives better communication between everyone and creates a better community experience for everyone. The Resident’s problems can be discussed and solved by knowing everyone’s opinion and make right decisions through MyGate.

The Meeting invitation can be sent to everyone and provide the details of venue, date, time, meeting description etc. You can use MyGate for getting and sharing every updates on the society. The community engagement can be improved and everyone can socially involved without missing any updates.

From MyGate, everyone can use in-demand amenities inside the community by booking slot. This gives better safety and more equity feeling for everyone. The different payments in the community can be made through MyGate itself.

The payment methods includes credit card, debit card, netbanking and UPI options. The payments done can be accessed later and receipts can be saved easily with MyGate.

Adding MyGate Platform at Community

The MyGate can be made available in your society easily. For this the Society management committee needs to sign up with MyGate. From MyGate website, you can schedule a demo of their services. If you enjoy the MyGate service, it can be on-boarded and deployed within a short time period.

MyGate helps you on creating and maintaining database for security personnel, digital profiles and train the guards to get along with MyGate application. The residents can easily use the app with the help of IVR feature provided by MyGate.

The residents data will be safe with MyGate as the details can only seen by management committee up to 6 months and removed from the system when the resident moves out.

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