Reserve Parking Spot and Pay Fees using PayByPhone


The PayByPhone app simplifies your journey. From registering and paying for your parking in seconds, to extending it without having to return to your vehicle, and reminders of when it ends, we know you have more to worry about than parking. The PayByPhone app can be used in over 1,000+ cities worldwide & is now available in 12 languages, making it easier than ever. As the highest rated parking app in the world, PayByPhone has helped over 43 million motorists pay for their parking simply and easily, so they can focus on what matters most to them.

For businesses signed up to PayByPhone Business, the app allows drivers to simply switch between business and personal payment cards on the PayByPhone app when they park, so no time-consuming monthly expense reports or saving receipts. Paying for parking with PayByPhone is more environmentally-friendly than paying with cash: there are fewer vehicles on the road adding to air pollution to collect cash from pay and display machines.

PayByPhone is the most convenient way to pay for parking. It’s easy, either use our app, do it online or call us. Get helpful tips on using each method below.

Creating an account on is easy and only takes a few steps.

What you’ll need before signing up,

  1. An active email address
  2. Your license plate number
  3. A credit card

To begin the registration process, visit

Click the Register button located at the top right corner of the page. If accessing from a mobile device, tap the menu on the top right (3 horizontal lines), then tap ‘Register’. Next, enter in your phone number, email, and desired password. Then hit the Agree & Register to continue. Then you will need to continue adding your information after hitting ‘Park’.

Once you hit ‘Park’ you will want to go to the ‘Account’ tab at the top right. Once in ‘Account’, you can pre add all your plates, payment information and preferred notification settings:

iPhone and Android users will receive an app notification as well so be sure to turn PayByPhone notifications on in your phone settings as this option is better than SMS reminders.

Parking History and Receipts – Viewing and downloading your parking history is easy and can be done online at PayByPhone Receipts. Viewing and downloading your parking history is easy and can be done online at PayByPhone Receipts.

Parking as a Guest – In this mode, please note that receipts are only available by email, and are not be available for download on our website. PayByPhone Support is unable to retrieve receipts for Guest account transactions. To ensure your transactions and receipts are available to download, please sign in or register an account.

Login to your PayByPhone account at PayByPhone Receipts and click the Receipts button on the Transaction page. By default, your account will show the 10 most recent parking transactions. Parking transaction history is available to customers who have a registered account with PayByPhone.

If you haven’t registered, individual email receipts are issued at the time of parking. Under PARKING TRANSACTION HISTORY section, enter the From: and To: dates you require a record of (maximum 30 days at a time). Click ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Save as CSV’ to download parking history

PayByPhone customer service policies are created by the parking authorities that implement the service.

There are no parking operators that allow our team to cancel active sessions or issue refunds for unused parking time. Our support agents will not be able to assist with this.

For this reason, we ask that you please wait until you arrive at the parking lot to start your parking session as prepaying does not guarantee availability.

PayByPhone operates as the transacting platform between a parker and the parking operator (the city or private company). Charges withdrawn are immediately transferred to our clients and not held by PayByPhone. All reimbursement requests are subject to the discretion of the parking operator and the outcome will vary dependent on the request.

A reservation is an act of pre-paying & booking a parking spot in advance. PayByPhone has partnered with ParkWhiz to provide reservation capabilities to our users. Using PayByPhone on your iPhone device you can now reserve parking spots:

  • Located in parking garages
  • Located in Seattle
  • Located in Miami

Reservations are a great way to guarantee a parking spot when street parking is limited or not an option. Depending on the lot, PayByPhone also offers discounted parking rates for those that book a parking spot in advance.

If you are in Seattle, use our iOS app to make a reservation (more cities + Android release to follow in the future). Simply open the app and follow the on-screen guidance to complete your reservation.

You will need to enable location services or select the USA as your location in-app settings to start the reservation process.

All reservations must be paid upfront to secure your spot. You will be presented with the total cost of parking at the time of booking to complete your reservation. Note that the total cost will always be cheaper or equal to the drive-up cost. You can also cancel your reservation any time before the time of your booking.

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