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Payit App UAE

Payit is a digital wallet that helps an open stored value account that comes with features like managing your digital money along with many other utilities such as bill payment, bill splitting, money management, etc.

It is the first featured digital wallet by the First Abu Dhabi Bank FAB in UAE. Payit is the perfect replacement for physical money and simplifies the transactions by all means. In case you are out shopping with your friends or your family and you forgot to pick your wallet, what will you do? it’s an embarrassing situation you wouldn’t want to put yourself in.

That’s where Payit comes to the picture. In no time you can manage the payments and transactions with ease. Payit App reduces time and avoids the risk of theft or accidentally losing actual money.

To start off with Payit, a seamless registration process is required. You must be a legal resident of UAE and of 18 years of age. Followed by

  • Valid mobile number
  • Valid emirates card
  • Valid Email id

Once you have met these basic requirements, the registering process takes you to the next platform. All Individuals are categorized under 2 sets; Verified and Unverified. If you have submitted KYC documents you fall under Verified and if not, it’s considered as Unverified. After categorizing an individual, the app takes you to the scanning of Emirates Card (Both back and front). Take a selfie video, Followed by submission of your valid mobile number and Email id.

Finally, to generate your own secret password. Link your bank debit card and now you are a part of Payit.
The individual categorization makes the difference in a way an individual uses Payit. As a verified user, you can have full access (up to AED 25,000) to higher limits and Unverified users will have limited access with limited features; ( up to AED 3,500) to lower limits.

Payit is indeed a one of a kind app with zero maintenance charges and zero balance requirements. You can top-up your mobile, transfer money instantly to any bank, You can invite your friend through Payit download link and you can win exciting rewards.

Pay anywhere using Payit

When you are out to buy something, using physical money has become an old fashion practice and time-consuming. So, most millennials are switching to an online wallet app for all kinds of transactions, but what becomes crucial is how quickly your application scans the QR code of the retailer or the seller to whom you want to transfer.

If there’s trouble in scanning and not able to connect to the server, it will be a headache and a waste of time. You may also end up wasting other’s time waiting behind you in the queue. Not every time this issue strikes but if it’s happening frequently, then its time for you to change the app.

Payit focuses on the quickest mode of transfer and it has partnered up with a huge network of retailers on payments through Payit which mainly focuses on less time and maximum satisfaction for both buyer and seller. Thanks to the great team behind the technical side of the app, who cross-checks, troubleshoots, and applies their expertise to bring the best from the app.

Payit is many of the first application for a digital wallet to introduce sound-based payment technology. It is also the first in this section with such a feature that allows you ‘contactless’ and ‘frictionless’ experience. At shops or restaurants just within a blink of QR or sound, you can get done with the payment. International remittance and fast money transfer allow you to transfer money over 200 countries via Moneygram in Payit.

Payit and First Abu Dhabi Bank

Payit keenly looks into the bugs at regular intervals. The First Abu Dhabi Bank ( FAB) always provides a cutting edge technology to its customers and seamless transaction experience with its innovative app, payit.

When it comes to value and assurance, FAB stands tall and never lets the customers have a second thought about taking their service. Two years since it’s release, it’s robust, well-built data encrypted and the network quality stands out from other similar apps.

Many media across UAE such as Khaleej times, has rated it as one of the outstanding application as it is the most trusted and newfound best friend for every individual when it comes to cash management.

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