Do Artworks on iPad and iPhone using Procreate and Procreate Pocket


Procreate is a drawing app for Apple iPad. You can use your finger or Apple Pencil to use this application for your Art works. It give possibility to do rich paintings and gorgeous illustrations for any drawings and animation. The Procreate is the professional and complete Art Studio which can be carried to anywhere.

The online manual available in English and simplified Chinese will provide you online instructions which helps you to know more about Procreate and shows every features that can be used.

You can also go through Procreate YouTube channel which includes Procreate functions tutorial short time videos. If you need to know more and having queries, you can always get help from Procreate Discussion forum.

Features of Procreate for iPad

With the help of advanced layer system and Valkyrie, a 64-bit graphics engine, you can do the best of Drawing, Painting and Sketching. You need iOS 13.2 or later version to install Procreate App for iPad. The cost of the Procreate varies on the basis of your region.

The Procreate Resources board will give you free brushes and have user created custom brushes from Portfolio community. The Marketplace board is where you can find Procreate premium brushes.

It is possible to import Photoshop document into Procreate. For this ,select import option from gallery menu and select the PSD file to import the document. It will bring all layers, blend modes, palettes, fonts, filters etc from Photoshop document and work as an existing Canvas.

The Time-lapse video feature helps you to record every step of the creation of your image with high speed video replay. It will be recorded on 1080p resolution by creating a new canvas.

You can share and broadcast your drawing process to any streaming channel. You can choose a 30 Second video or a full length video for broadcast. You can export these recording in 4K for high quality video sharing. The Time lapse video can be disabled from Procreate menu.

Procreate Pocket for iPhone Users

The Procreate Pocket App is the professional drawing app for the iPhone users with more than 25 layer blend modes. It have custom quick menus where you can add your favorite and most useful tools for your Artwork.

The Apple Pencil will give more flexibility for your painting. You can also use Stylus which provide pressure sensitive painting with 3D Touch technology.

Procreate Pocket App is powered by Silica-M painting engine and is optimized for iPhone X and iOS 12. You can use more than 50 customization settings for each brushes. The Palm Support feature will help you when you rest your palm on iPad screen and prevent drawings by mistake.

The Procreate and Procreate Pocket data can be backed up to the iCloud for remote access from anywhere. If you restore a backup, it will restore the entire Procreate data including brushes, Brush Sets, palettes etc. By exporting your artworks as “.procreate file”, you can preserve all your layers along with the other data.

The AirPrint helps you to print your Artwork from both Procreate or Procreate Pocket. You can share the work in JPG or PNG format and tap the print button for printing.

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